Sunday, December 04, 2005

Sayid on TV

Sayid makes a cameo on the television in the Army recruiting station Kate's dad/stepdad works.


alex said...

neat, i'd been meaning to go back and look for him but kept forgetting. i wonder if these types of things are just meant to be fun little extras or actually mean anything.

Mike Hollywood/City of Industry said...

You should do a podcast every Monday, too. Go over theories from the week before, then Thursday you can keep for your after-hour high jinx discussions about Wednesday's LOST.

Or, what would be really good is just you two speaking to each other and telling stories about the past..


I loved the White Castle story about the "friend" who ordered 9 and hated them, then Steve says "That's Awesome." hahaha good stuff...

Even if you NEVER answer my emails again, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Guys come on, what are you doing with a blogger? Everyone knows LiveJournal is the way to go!! And here i was thinking you were pretty cool... i feel so let down. :(