Saturday, December 10, 2005

Hiatus Week One

May contain LOST "content."

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Ryan said...

We enjoy your show too, guys, and thanks for the mention. Content? Who needs it? You guys are having fun (when you're not tired!) and that's worth listening to, even when "Lost" falls into the background. And please, no bells! Keep up the great work.

Shannon said...

You were asking about what podcasts we listen to, so I'm going to list a few. I listen to This Week In Tech, Geek News Central podcast, Pottercast, Mugglecast, the endgadget podcast, and I recently started my own podcast called Fangirl.

P.S. My real name is Shannon, and I'm not the bathtub smoking Shannon

Jay said...

Hey Ryan what about those bells;)

Good show guys, Im in on the super bowl, but can we get a better location....San Diego maybe

Jay said...
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Scott and Steve said...

I'm down for San Diego. I worked for AMC Theatres in high school and most of college, one of my friends used to work at the AMC in Santee, I heard you mention Santee in your last cast. Also, I've never been, but there's a place called Alby's Beef Inn in San Diego, I think that's one of the best named restaurants ever.


Gillian said...

I listen to the Ricky Gervais podcast, Pottercast, Mugglecast, Ebert and Roeper, and The Official Lost podcast.

And...that's about it. Oh! And I listen to Peyton's Podcast. Yes, I am that sad.

Oh, and I LIKE it when you guys ramble on about other things. It amusing. And the music is great, don't lose it, just give us a playlist at the end of the show in case we want to download said songs. Good music, you guys.

Scott and Steve said...

I think we should ring a bell any time I say "yeah, no, no, yeah, no, I know." And we're moving the supercast from Hatchie Coon, AR to Coos Bay, OR. That sounds like a place that can party. In addition to NPR's Science Friday podcast I'm listening to NPR's All Songs Considered, Heirocast (The Heiroglyphics Crew Cast), The They Might Be Giants podcast, PBS's NOW, HBO's Real Time w/ Bill Maher, and of course Ricky Gervais. I also watch the Frederator videocast, which is a mixed bag of animation. All of this without the use of an iPod.


Ben said...

Hey, can we get some more discussion on Chuck Norris? Or maybe you guys could do an entire podcast about him.. Possible names: BeardCast, PunchCast

Mike Hollywood/City of Industry said...

Or SuckCast, if it's about old Chuckie..

And all I have to say about SD is "Dick's Last Resort." That place is so fun to eat at.

Jimmy said...

Well, as requested I'll chime in some of my "other" podcasts.

Lost Pods:
The enhanced Transmission.
Scott and Steve's (of course)
The Official Lost Podcast (which is the least good of the 3.
Other Podcasts:
Cinecast ( good.
Ebert and Roper
Podnography (Adult themed)
Soccergirl Inc (Why, I'm not sure, as she is actually quite lame)
The French Class (As series of free French lessons)

That's about it really. Keep it up dudes,

Kelly said...

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your podcast. The others I listen to are mugglecast, pottercast, digital strips, and jay and jack. I like the music in the background, it was just the last one, what kate did, in which the music was a bit distracting. This week the music wasn't.

Jay said...

Yep spent my Junior High, and High School years in Santee CA. I used to go to that AMC, but it closed down when all of those big multiplexis started showing up.

Coos Bay, that sounds cool. As long as there is enough Guacamole, Im in no matter what.

Jack loves Dicks Last Resort.

Cliff J. Ravenscraft said...

Constructively, YES, The music parts are very distracting.... Intro music and exit music would be cool.. But talking during the music is a huge downside to your podcast.

On the other hand... sure more content would be great, but IT'S YOUR PODCAST! Do What You Want... Even though I hate it, you can still talk during the music if you want....

What other podscasts do I subscribe to?

TWIT This Week In Tech!
DLTV Digital Life TV
Inside The Net
And all the lost podcasts you mentioned on your show.
President's weekly radio address

Check out my site some time....

Click on the right for Lost Realited Posts!!! Feel free to use any content you wish!

Katie said...

Just a few points as I listen again (my first listen was during my latest experiment in my neuroscience lab):

1. Orion, as a part of the Apollo constellation, works in as the next new LOST episode is titled "The Hunting Party". Orion is the hunter, yes?

2. I agree that the best Harry Potter film is the 3rd. The latest could be better and, in fact, cut the best parts to put off an R rating (American) for abosolutely ridiculous reasons.

3. I listen to all the LOST Podcasts because I'M A GEEK. I'll be the first (and likely the only) one to say it. I also listen to MuggleCast, PotterCast, NOVA podcast, whatever that is, All kinds of NPR podcasts, and whatever my "science" search finds for podcasts. The only time I venture from science podcasts is NPR, Harry Potter, and, most importantly for me, LOST podcasts.

4. I LOVE MEN WITH BIG ONES. (iPods, that is. RE: 40gb vs. 60gb iPods)

5. NO FART CONTESTS please. Here's something for the next podcast: THE THEORIES THAT HAVE BEEN DEBUNKED AND PLEASE STOP EMAILING US ABOUT IT! (I'll be happy to help with that as much as I can or anything else I can help with...except money. I have no money. Sorry.)

6. It's finals week for me! Calculus 2 is my killer final for this week (Thurs 12/15) so I can only hope my prof shows up dressed like Roy Rogers. Because that would be hot. Although my final won't be at the bar, I will probably show up drunk.

7. I'm also totally smoking while listening to your podcast, but not in the lab because SMOKING IS BAD. Or whatever.

matt said...

i listen to the following podcasts (links for those you can't find on itunes):
scott and steve
the commonbits daily show clips feed
videos on tagged "funny"
festival city radio (indie music podcast focusing on the okc area)
MLB radio daily
NPR: story of the day
ricky gervais
and benjamin walker's theory of everything, which is the greatest show on the radio today. it's kind of like "this american life," but a lot of the stories are fiction or fictionalized. it's really solid programming.

also, have you guys seen this?

matt said...

i messed up the daily show commonbits link. it should be this:

matt said...

also, the one should be
why, god? why??

colin_cristopher said...

hi guys. i subscribe to:
the transmission
the official lost podcast
ricky gervais
dan klass; the bitterest pill
cush; things i say
rykodisc podcasts
KCRW's le show and music exchange.

i don't mind the music, and think a playlist would be a good idea (especially for hiatus week one)
and if you need intro music i might be able to knock you up a tune.


Dylan said...

I didn't realize what a great online shopping resource you are, Matt.

smartdude said...

LOST is a huge scam to sucker people into spending money on items related to the show.

We ARE the ginny pigs!

Amanda said...

I listen to Mugglecast and iLounge in addition to myokomwsas.

I don't really find the music distracting, so I'm cool with it.

I also have a new, 60gb video ipod, but am sad to report I didn't get anything engraved on it. :(

I really didn't enjoy HP 3 as much as the others. It was too much of a departure from the book and the previous two movies. HP 4 kicked ass.

Mike Hollywood/City of Industry said...

I listen to most of the LOST podcasts, some Jim Harold (Paranormal Podcast), Georgetown Law Podcast, Thermal and Statistical Physics (Professor Carlson), Quantum information/Bose-Einstein condensation, NOVA E=mc2, The Math Factor, and some odd ball podcasts when I come across them (that's how I found MYOKOM with SAS/CAD -- haha [joking]).

Scott and Steve said...

Colin: That would be awesome if you could knock us up a tune for the show.


mariahey said...

hi!could you please tell me the tittle and the artist of the last song you played in this podcast?Thankyou!!