Sunday, October 29, 2006


Hey ladies,

Wanna play doctor?


rubycalaber said...

I'm trying to think up a joke about Juliet being a fertility doctor and a sperm donation but I'm too lazy someone else do it.

aimee in little rock said...

Josh Holloway kicks his ass in a hotness contest - hands down. And all over the place. But I have to give Foxy some credit; I'd still play doctor with him.

Anonymous said...

I'd play doctor with him, he can sort my damn haemmoroids out for me. Plus, while he's at it, he can give me Kate's number, she seems to like quirky English types, and i fit that bill, and i'm not short with massive feet.

aimee in little rock said...

I saw this internet blog thing on some news site about celebrity couples last week that was talking about Evie & Dom, trying to come up with a catchphrase/namesake to dub them (in the tradition of Benifer & TomKat) since they're becoming the new hot celebrity couple. It was pretty stupid, but people came up with some funny names.

Mike Campbell said...

I didn't even know they were together. What is she thinking.

Can we make a vote for who dies in the next two episodes. We know someone major is biting the dust so i think we should take bets. Then the SaS or Lars could mention the awesomeness that is that person on the podcast for being a good guesser.

aimee in little rock said...

It's not Sawyer, because he's been ruled out by Ausiello @

It's not Jack, because he's in the episode synopsis for episode 3x06.

It's not Kate, because episode 2x06 is her flashback episode, and she's also in the synopsis.

So we can eliminate those three. For now.

Ralph- said...
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sayten said...

If Eko bites the dust as Ralph and many others have speculated, that's pretty much it for the tailies, with the exception of Bernard - but who gives a shit about Bernard anyway?

It's kinda like, ok what was the point of introducing all those new characters if they were all just going to be killed off. Were they hoping to knock off a large part of the cast from the beginning without touching many of the season one Losties?

aimee in little rock said...

You know what would be really funny? If they killed Paulo off. They build up all this media hype about him being a new cast member, give him about 15 seconds of screen time, and then KABLAMO! He gets killed. That would sooo rock. Because I think he sucks.

Mike Campbell said...

My vote has to be for charlie. I hate the dirtbag. We should try to make a picture of "whos gonna die" and start a posting with all our predictions. Then we will know who is victorous. And to make it a spicey meatball two people can not guess the same lostie. it can be one of those first one there calls it. We can check the time stamp. And say someone has a life and can't check this all the time they will be stuck with kate or something cause theres a good chance she will make it to the end of the show

Anonymous said...

some possibilities:
Sayid - sometime during last year, the actor basically said he thought the show was silly. His character should have gone gung-ho after Shannon got killed, but instead he tried to blend in with the trees. (i'd also like to point out that i still think it's really dumb that they set up his backstory about Nadia being the love of his life; he's on a plane to reunite with her via the CIA's info, he crashes on an island and within 50 days he's counting the number of shovels it takes to bury the 'love of his life,' a brat.)

Ecko - seems to be the popular rumor. His faith in the button didn't really make any sense, neither did seeing visions of his brother. Basically he and Locke seem to share too many characteristics and as cool as he is, they've written him as redundant.

Claire - Besides being really damned cute, she's a waste of breath until that kid of hers starts levitating things with his mind.

Aaron - see above

Bernard - Maybe he whines at Rose once too often, and she brains him with her own Jesus stick.

Rose - the hatch implosion cancels all healing properties of the island and her Cancer returns with a vengeance. would be good because it would make the hatch implosion mean something

Hurley - not going to happen.

Jin/Sun - the fact that they share flashback episodes should make it obvious that they're redundant. Their up&down relationship has sort of played itself out. I think i'd rather see Sun bite it so that there is still a language barrier issue and we can be rid of the awful mystery pregnancy.

just some thoughts.

aimee in little rock said...

If it's not Eko, and it can't be Jack, Kate, or Sawyer, then I will go out on a limb and guess that it will be Sayid.

I fucking hope to Dharma that it's not, but that's the only loss I would consider to be HUGE enough besides Locke, for Ausiello to not want to believe it (since he said he "won't believe it until he sees it.")

sayten said...

ugh, that storyline with Eko and the button still really bothers me - just because it makes NO SENSE motivationally for the character. The whole abandoned church-building storyline and such.. you can almost hear the show writers scrambling for ideas.

Mike Campbell said...

It would suck if its Sayid he still has to make up for the worst ambush ever :)

Still going to stick with charlie. Lost has become predictible with Major Deaths that the flashback is the person who is gonna die, except for Libby which wasn't a Major death just a bad ass surprise.

T-dot Kim said...

Here are my 2 cents

1. Why does anyone have to die?

2. Jack = Hot

That's all for now.

Ralph- said...


Anonymous said...

yeah, forgot a few because i'm at work and i was in a hurry to post it.

Charlie - He's over his addiction, he got the girl, he didn't seem to give a shit about what happened to the other losties, he's carrying on with Kate offscreen. probably not going to happen. He took over the church. They've hinted at starting a new love triangle with Claire. Locke's vision said they'd be alright, for now (this also retroactively saves Claire and Aaron i guess)

Paulo - right now, he's at the Arzt level of character development. I think he cost a little bit more than our crabby schoolteacher, but how many hot guys with stubble does this show need?

Desmond - he's the only thing interesting on the beach at the moment.

Ben - he's one of the best things to happen to the show, a great arch nemesis. he does completely evil things and then without any justification says "we're the good guys."

Tom - i liked him better before he became the others teddy bear. Still, there aren't that many others we know anything about so he'd be a hard loss.

Rousseau - She's a show regular and obviously not terribly vital. We could stop hearing the fans ask "why wouldn't Rousseau have known..." after every island reveal.


Anonymous said...

i forgot a few because i'm at work and was in a hurry to post.

Charlie - he's over his addiction, he got the girl, he didn't seem to give a shit about Locke, Desmond or Ecko, he's boinking Kate... Still, they decided to revive the Church subplot, they've hinted at a love triangle with Claire, and Locke's vision said 'they'll be safe, for now' (which i guess saves Claire and Aaron too.)

Paulo - he's at the Arzt level of character development at this point. He probably costs a little bit more than our crabby schoolteacher, but how many hot guys with stubble does the show really need?

Tom - He's slid a long way from the seabilly badass of season 1 & 2. Now he's the Other teddy bear. (dude should really grow a beard of his own) Still, he's one of the few Others that we know by name and have any history with, and maybe he'll do something badass when Locke attacks.

Ben - he's one of the best things to happen to the show. He's their arch nemesis. (BTW bunnies have notoriously bad hearts regardless of whether they have a needless pacemaker installed or not, and i was pretty sure he was giving that bunny a heartattack but couldn't figure out to what ends. Creep.)

Desmond - he's the only interesting thing on the beach right now.

Rousseau - She's a series regular and judging by her attendance record, she's not that vital. We could also be rid of the fans asking "why wouldn't Rousseau have known..." after every island reveal.

Karl - dude is dead already.

Vincent - i hate when dogs get hurt in films or TV shows. It breaks my heart. They kind of need to address the fact that Vincent isn't around though. If they don't come upon his corpse (polar bear snack?) then they should atleast throw a line out there about him sailing off with Michael & Walt.

Collen - maybe the rumor started because they were shocked that a prominent actress from Deadwood bit the bullet so fast, so this is all a false alarm.


Anonymous said...

hah, i thought that post got eaten so i retyped it. someone can delete that 1st one if they want. so nice, i posted it twice,

Datty Mike said...

this is what i reckon:

Charlie - Locke's new sidekick. I guess that means death at some point, but not yet i don't think, gotta find a hatch or sumthin first.

Eko - Eko flashback, plot synopsis is "eko wrestles with inner demons", we all know what happens when a character resolves his/her issues.

Hurley - No chance, but in a strange way i'd love to see it happen, just cause so many people would go fucking ape shit.

Locke - No way. Locke is the most important character on this show (along with desmond), the only one certain to make it to the end.

Sayid - ripe for killing off, but not yet. Bound to go down in some kind of massive shoot out with the others.

Claire - can't see it happening, i think a "who's gonna look after claire's baby" story wouldn't work.

jin/sun - that whole story with Mr. Paik, still has to play out.

I've gotta go for eko, theres too much evidence out there for it to be anyone else.

aimee in little rock said...

Fuck it, we could play this game all day long. I don't know who's going to die, but I hope it's no one that I care about. If I was able to choose someone, I'd choose Tom for the Others, and Charlie for the survivors.

I like Eko's character, and I'm sorry that most of the evidence points in his direction. But if reliable spoiler sources are shocked by who doomed person is, I don't think it's Eko, because that's not exactly shocking.

Which leaves me stumped. So whatever. I don't care. I'll wait til Wednesday to find out. This is exhausting.

Jimmy said...

Good points coming across from everyone re possible deaths. Here's my thoughts...

There are about 3 or 4 characters who I could see go and not sweat too much.

But please, if it is Eko, let us know why the plane from Nigeria is on the Island! If he goes without his brothers corpse being resolved and an abandoned Church project I will assume that the writers have just abandoned a whole load of direction. you remember that he briefly got arrested with a driving charge earlier last month? Though charges were dropped.

Anyway...why is that plane there? New Sherrif, anyone?

Anonymous said...

I say Jin. I'm sure i read somewhere that Sun would lose two people close to her during Season 3. She's lost Jae (albeit in a flashback) and i had predicted her baby, but i'm going to go for Jin.
Self-ingratiating KABLAMSKI to myself.

Ralph- said...


No Electro Magnet!

Benjamin said...

There's too much talk of death, and not enough talk of life, as embodied by a picture of a hot doctor. A doctor, honey!

T-dot Kim said...

Rose...possibly, but if there is no Electro Magnet how is Locke able to walk?

Ralph- said...

well. maybe he loses that ability. or mayby that is Locke's "Superpower". Desmond was affected by the implosion with visions of the future. maybe eko has the ability to stop living.

aimee in little rock said...

Tim, I believe the original spoiler said that "two people close to Sun were going to die...two people close to her in very different ways." I read that in the OKC podcast.

First, we saw Jae take the leap.

Second, we saw Colleen die of her gunshot wound on account of Sun shooting her.

So I believe those are the two that referred to.

Jimmy said...

So Colleen was "close" to Sun because she was in the same room?


Anonymous said...

Damn you Aimee From Little Rock, how the fuck did you get your superpower of astuteness?
I sticking by my idea for now - we'll see who has the power soon enough...

aimee in little rock said...

Jimmy, I would consider shooting someone at "close" range a "sure-fire" way to create a "close" "bond" that will "bind" them "together" forever.

Tim, I'll take that as a compliment.

aimee in little rock said...

But if you want to be cheap about it, sure they were in the same room, so whatever.

Datty Mike said...

Official lost podcast is out.
Let's see what these jokers have to say about the death next week (probably bugger-all)..

aimee in little rock said...

They don't really give anything away about the death other than what we already know, but I was kind of impressed that they settled some other things by actually answering questions.

I was glad to hear them identify the engine guy as Gary Troup, because I'd heard that rumor before, just never from an official source.

Datty Mike said...

Yeah, i'll give them some credit, this was definately one of their better podcasts.

So hurley is off the possible death list as well now..

aimee in little rock said...

So I guess Ralph's theory is now foiled since they said they'd be giving us a gay character. So I don't really see Tom being the one that dies.

Jimmy said...


you are the second person to call me cheap in two days. I need to work on that :)

I'd better download the official one here at work and get up to speed.

Jin's as dead as mutton as far as I am concerned. I said all along it will be him...I'm sticking to it...though I have a feeling Sayid might be in trouble. That would be a shock, I think.

aimee in little rock said...

I agree Jimmy (on Sayid being a shocking death.)

Jimmy said...

I often wonder if Benjamin will take out Sayid as he was basically tortured by him.

For some reason the Official cast isn't coming down our work pipe (the internet is a series of tubes, as we all know) so I might have to look at it later.

I find it hard to believe that this first "Pod" will be done in 9 days...and then it's all back to a hiatus. Am I the only one who thinks this idea has made the show seem over before we know it? It's flown by as far as I am concerned.

That said, some is better than none.

Ralph- said...

all right folks. here is my final word on this whole death subject.

EKO will die.

The producers have decided to distance themselves from season 2 as much as possible. the only real main character (from the main character credits) from season 2 left is Eko. Sam Anderson is always credited as guest star, so he does not count.

So. The producers want to distance themselves from season 2 so, bye bye tailies! I do not really mind if Eko dies or not. I have this feeling that he would have died in season 3 anyway. His last flashback storyline ("?") was weak, at best. The only thing that Charlotte brought to eko's story was how he got to Sydney. i have a feeling that the writers dont know what to do with his character. He redeemed himself in his first flashback "23rd Psalm" by taking the role of a priest. He has made his peace with his brother Yemi, on the island by praying for him and burning his remains. There is nowhere for eko's story to go, unless they decide to take his flashback story in a different direction (a la "Further Instructions").

i would rather them take him out now, than prolong his death and have his already thinning story line drag on even more, instead of killing a character now that still has potential.

the only thing that is unfinished in eko's story is the church. why not make the last thing that eko does in his remaining time on the island, blessing the church before he dies. Charlie and Sayid can finish building the structure like they did with the kitchen area.

Mike Campbell said...

On the official Podcast they talked about Scott and Steve

Mike Campbell said...

Ralph - get to the choppa... I think there is more stories for Eko then Charlie. They can show more of his time as a drug King Pin. The last Charlie Flashback was worse then Eko's and i don't want to see another flash back of how charlie lived addicted to drugs. I also believe that Eko is going to die, but i upset about it. And by ranting on this board it will make the producers change their mind :)

Vote Charlie dead November 1st

Ralph- said...

i am gonna wait this one out and accept the fate of anyone who dies. i really just hope it isnt sayid or hurley or jin. the rest can go. i want the island to be inhabited by only Sayid Hurley and Jin, OH and Juliette cause i think that she is pretty and kind.

aimee in little rock said...

I finished the book Carrie, and have some opinions about Juliet.

I finished the book Of Mice and Men, and have some opinions about Benjamin.

Good times.

Jimmy said...

Shit, Aimee,

the way you wrote that, plus what I know about you made me think you read them between posts!

Will be interested in the Ben findings. I've been thinking about reading Of Mice and Men too.

Anonymous said...

Never mind all that death mentalness, check this, fucking brilliant if you've ever seen Bo Selecta, still mildly funny if you haven't:

T-dot Kim said...

Umm...where are all the ladies? I thought for this post we were discuss the hotness of Jack Sheppard?


aimee in little rock said...

Of Mice and Men is a great book, and it's barely 1/4 inch thick; it's very very short. It's kind of a depressing but sweet story about the futility of hope and dreams (in a nutshell.) The line that Benjamin quotes is very significant.

Carrie is also a quick read; it's Stephen King's version of a "short story", which means it's about 200 pages. But there were some references that I linked to Juliet, or that I can at least theorize about. Get the 1999 paperback version with an awesome introduction by Stephen King, that explains how he came up with the story (it ties into his personal life.)

Ralph- said...

aimme, did you see how i thought that ben was gonna shoot sawyer in the head while showing him Island A? that would have been epic. even though everyone love sawyer and no one wants him dead. but seriously that would have been a super awesome emotional scene.

aimee in little rock said...

I don't think that would've been very emotional, as much as it would've been completely shocking. I mean, I know it happens in the book and all, so maybe not shocking in that sense, but shocking in the sense that they would kill Sawyer off.

A killing out of left field, such as Michael shooting Ana-Lucia and Libby seemed so unemotional, whereas the death of Boone was so dramatic, it pains my heart just thinking about it.

That's the kind of death I believe Sawyer deserves. Anything less than that would be unworthy of the evil awesomeness that is Benjamin.

Hollerin' Holly said...

Hey Kim-

Yep. Jack is hot but I would take Sawyer. Or maybe Desmond., probably Sawyer.

aimee in little rock said...

Hmm..."sexy southern pervert" accent vs. "sexy scottish-peruvian" accent...

Maybe we'll get lucky & see a Sawyer-Desmond fight in the future to settle it.

crazy4swayze said...

when i first saw this picture i thought it was k-fed.

Tori said...

I just wanted to say that Jack is HOT! That's all.