Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Hey Folks!
I am here to let you know that MYOKOM v2.0 is now up. As of right now, I am not really sure how to get the show up on iTunes for download, but I do not want to wait any longer to get the show out to Craig, and the rest of the fans. So, if you want to listen to it now, just click the link below!
I know that the show isn't up to the standards that you guys are used to, but i hope that you enjoy it. Thanks to everyone for the support on this project.

Your Pal,

by the way, we may come off as mean towards people with weight problems. just to let you know, I am a fat dude and Hurley happens to be my favorite character!

MYOKOMw/SAS v2.0 1hr.6min.

if you want to save it, you can right click the link, and download it to your desktop!


Anonymous said...

ok, I may be behind and stuff, but I was trying to get old episodes of MYOKOMw/SAS.

Is there a way to do this? The mp3's on the site don't work...

Thanks for any help!


aimee in little rock said...

If you subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, you can download previous episodes. I can't remember what you do, but I know I've done it before!

Scott and Steve said...

Actually the feed is not up anymore,

-Sickortiz, send me an email at and I'll get those old episodes to you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks! I'm going to email you right now.


Shinra said...

Thanks Ralph, great to see MYOKOMw/SAS back up. And as far as LOST podcasts go, there's no1 more dedicated than you man

Jimmy said...


It was great. It took a minute to adjust, but hats off, Sir. Thanks for my inclusion too. More later,

Jimmy :)

Ralph- said...

by the way, all the giggling you hear in the backround is from my friend ryan, who was overseeing the production. he was esentially our sound engineer.

Scott and Steve said...

Fantastic job Ralph and Ben, it's podcasting GOLD!

aimee in little rock said...

I'm listening to it now!

Jimmy said...

Can I also quickly say that when I saw the new post I thought the SAS was being visited by Dom DeLuise :)

aimee in little rock said...

Ralph, that was awesome, thank you for giving us our MYOKOM w/SAS fix; I hope you continue doing this!!

Good call on the Hurley/Gale paths crossing. I'd say it's a very strong possibility.

The homoerotic conversation about Jack's junk was hilarious!

Goats will always be the comic relief in any serious conversation.

I think Satan or Elvis should make some appearances in the future.

Seattle Jimmy's call-in was undoubtedly the best (and most coherent).

I sent another letter to Dylan, which was actually kind of sad because there wasn't as much cool stuff to just can't top that blacklight map! But I will let you know if he replies again!

Ralph- said...

Fremontbrit, that is a picture of me from Saturday (the day we recorded). and i am pretty sure that i am at my heaviest, right now. if you want to see more attractive pictures of me go to
i am so much hotter looking than that picture i put up!
ooh la la!

NctrnlBst said...

ROCK ON! MYOKMw/SAS back on the air! Now if the Transmission comes back, I'll be in LOST heaven. Great job guys, glad to see you broadcasting again.

Oh and that five minutes with freddy sounds like a great Idea, you should deffinitly do it.

Katie said...

Well done!

I really liked it, I'm finally laughing at LOST podcasts again! (Sorry Jay and Jack, love you guys, but just not laughing out loud, making me look stupid in the lab, peeing my pants in the library kind of laughs.)

By the way, no more labs for me! Graduation t-minus 8 days.

Jimmy said...

it wasn't the weight, it was your hat, beard and expression :) All in good fun. Loved the cast, once again...

Thanks Aimee..though I think I sound like I'm from the gutter next to Tim the Jellyman. I need either a mike, or to kick the Black Country out of my accent!

Jasmin said...

Ralph, you and Ben did an amazing job with the podcast! Congratulations on a job really well done :) Very entertaining, and as you said, a real love letter to Craig and Dylan, for how great MYOKOM w/ SAS is. I think Craig should be pretty inspired with all the offers from everyone to co-host with him, just to get him to host again :) Anyway, you were great, and many thanks! I liked how your revelations never went from 1 to 8, just like 1, 3, 5, then 7 :) Keep up the great work!

aimee in little rock said...

Congrats Katie. Be careful not to get drunk and post incoherent comments on the blog!

P.S. did you ever read the shitty books I sent you? I just read the third one, and it was actually more impressive because it was written by a different guy. Don't laugh, but I actually cried at one point.

Ralph- said...

by the way, i leave for Oahu next thursday! i am not trying to make you guys jealous, but just letting you know that i am going to return with photos. ryan from the transmission let me know where i can get some snapshots of the 815 wreckage! it is me and my wife Stevi's much deserved and delayed honeymoon! if you dont hear from me after thursday the 11th...than i will see you in another life.

Anonymous said...

isn't there a button on the podcast section of itunes? to sumit podcasts.

Ralph- said...

if i did that, i would not have the power to put it up on the myokom feed. if you want to save the show, and put it in your iTunes, *right click the link and save link as...* this will place it on your desktop and you can put it on your iPod or iTunes.

Wesh said...

Have too much fun ralph and bring craploads of pictures. Maybe you can even get hold of an actor or someone cool like that :) An interview for myokomv3.0! would be quite awesome.

enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, guys, this is Ben. I wanted to say thanks for all the positive feedback and support from everyone.

Ralph- said...

ben, you better not be the same "anonymous" that keeps giving people shit, on this blog!

spunkytink said...

You guys did a great job! You deserve 1,000,000 gold flakey stars!

vikki said...

love the show. can't wait for the next show.thanks.

sayten said...

burn in hell

sayten said...

oh, and ralph and ben - great job on this thing! way to keep the SAS alive and kicking. let us know if you plan on doing one for next week, eh?

Winona said...

It wasn't Dylan and Craig but you guys did a great job!! MYOKOM W/SAS rocks no matter what version!

Ralph- said...

alright, i got rid of that dude's propaganda sayten! and i hope he did burn in hell...
i dont think i can do one next week. i will be out of town. i suggest that Craig put one up!
the whole reason for this experiment was to "knock out" the past four episodes in hopes to relieve some of the pressure from craig, i only planned on doing one. if craig were to get back behind the mic, i would love to help out, but i have to focus my energy towards my associated films video podcast. me and ben had a lot of fun, but i realized that the editing process is really time consuming. if i could get craig to get into some sort of joint venture for these last 4 episodes, i think that it would be a lot easier.

who knows?

maybe i will be able to get something done but my trip is from May 4th to May 11th. i will actually watch the may 10th episode in hawaii, so getting back here, and doing a podcast would be tough. there is no way i would be able to do one for the May 3rd episode, unless you want me to piss off the mrs.?

trust me i love the podcast, i am happy with the results as well as the feedback, but this upcoming week is really tough to squeez on in.

MusselsFromBrussels said...

yes yes yes yes yes !!! MYOKOMw/SAS 2.0 ! I've been waiting fot that sass fix. Anyway, great work Ben and Ralph (MYOKOMw/BAR ?), it's not MYOKOMw/CAD but it's definitely got that sass !

Uncle Igmar said...

Way to go guys - and who knew I had such a sexy podcast voice?

Looking forward to more SAS - hopefully with Craig involved.

Wesh said...

Finally got around to listen to it completely. NIce job ralph and ben. It was a great SAS fix! I hope it will cause Craig to gettin jiggy with it.
And omg can't believe I did that (c)rap at the end :D
Nice intervention there Uncle ;)
Jenny (servo3k) was cool too.

bottomline: awesome stuff u guys! Craig u can do it *thumbs up*

Wesh said...

oh yeah, (pressed Submit too fast) Jay and Jack's little bit was fantastic too :)
Craig they offer a Chuck Norris doll, you can't possibly refuse that, can u now? :)

Wesh said...

ok sorry for the triple post overdose, I'l make it my last of the day. Here's the lyrics you asked for ralph :p You know you don't want to see them!
"Eh yow, Craig, wassup with the break?!
I've tried some other podcasts, but they all sound fake!
Except for Jack & Jay, them is seriously okay
But do we need the SAS back? Everybody screams YAAAAAY!
So killin off the show is a fucking NAY, NAAAAY!
We need the fucking podcast MAYDAY, SEGWAY!
Don't feel pushed by this stressy undertone, though
Here's a Bluestone Bat, half cream, half foam, yow!
So, good luck, Craig, talk to you laters
Make a p-cast, and fuck all the haters!"

That's about it :p

Ralph- said...

gracias wesh!
i know for a fact that i wont be able to put up a show for the May Third episode "Two For The Road", but there is a possiblity that i might be able to do one for the May 10th episode "?". if i feel up to it i would even go as far as to do "Three Minutes" from May 17th. I am going to put this out on the table, i refuse to do the Season Finale without Craig involved! i am calling you out craig. i have thought of a way (short of me flying to OK) in which we can get this done!
i put this in Craig's hands. just remember, i am a longtime listener, one time participant. i love the sas as it once was, and like everyone else, i want to get it back. shit, i know that ben is on board making more FMOF!

let me work out the details, but i know that "Two For The Road" is a No-Go for me!

Anonymous said...

Ralph & Co.,

Thought the podcast was pretty well-done and successfully honored the original.

However, it sure seems to me that although you guys clearly love "MYOKOMw/SAS," you also kind of hate "Lost." Which is a strange thing to love a podcast so much that is about a show that you don't seem to care all that much for.

If I was uninitiated and just stumbled on this podcast, I would immediately think, "God, why are these guys making a podcast about a show that they clearly dislike?"

Anyway, that's my two sense. I think you were mostly trying (successfully) to be funny and obviously, 3 out of the last 4 episodes of Lost have been pretty hate-worthy, but I just felt like there was no sense at all that you liked anything about the show or the characters and wondered why you so fervently want this podcast to continue, given that.

But, that criticism aside, I respect what you guys were attempting to do and sure as hell hope that it inspires Craig to continue on.

Take care,

Ralph- said...

I agree with you 100% when it comes to coming off as hating lost. I remember sending an email to Dylan once asking about Delta Park. i was looking to see if that podcast was worth listening to, due to the fact that their first episode i listened to was bashing season 2. i Love lost! i have been watching the show since the Pilot episode. I know how lost should be, and what makes for a compelling episode, and "The Whole Truth", "Dave" and "S.O.S." was not compelling at all. We already knew that Rose and Bernard were married, and the fact that rose was sick, just rehashed the same thing we saw in "Walkabout", but "Walkabout" was done so much better! Dave was alright, but it was not a particular riveting story. "The whole truth" felt like a soap opera.

i wrote the 8 revelations for the SAS 2.0. like we mentioned in the Podcast, we could have mentioned The Blacklight Map or Gales Drivers liscense, but we have ALL already picked those apart to death. So instead of covering the same old ground, i decided to make the revelations more interesting and fun. i would rather talk about Locke using a Toolbox to block blast doors, than talk about Latin Translations on the Map.

i know that everyone who is on this board LOVES LOST, and i bet that 90% of the people here would agree with the fact that the past 4 episodes of Lost left something to be desired.

look at craig and dylan's episode for "Everyone Hates Hugo". They ripped that show a new asshole. They praised "Orientation". i feel that Make your own kind of music with scott and steve is a show about honesty. They are not affraid to talk about the bad as well as the good. Unfortunatly Ben and Myself got the short end of the stick with the episodes that we covered.

in short, I Love Lost, and Did not love the past four episodes. i did not want to make a "Fluff Piece" out of four episodes that did not deserve it.

thanks for the feedback,


Anonymous said...


Point well taken. I guess you guys really did have a bad batch to deal with. And, as far as entertainment goes, I certainly agree that what's funny trumps everything else. And that toolbox was certainly some funny shit.

Anyway, that was a point of criticism I had. But, overall, I dug what you guys did and the reasons you were doing it.


Ralph- said...

trust me, i watch the show with my wife at Ben's house practically every week. there is usually a group of 10 of us. we all like lost, but me ban and my wife seem to be the only ones that really enjoy the episodes. the rest of them are haters. they watch it every week, and complain nonstop. i dont even know why they show up. i did like the past 4 episodes, basically because it was LOST. i am hoping that the Last four Episodes of season 2 knock me out!

by the way, remmebr when ARTZ was introduced last season, around the same time Neil "Frogurt" was introduced this season? i am wondering if "Frogurt" is going to be the next red shirt

Wesh said...

Just had quite a scary moment. When i browsed to I thought u guys were hacked by some avid Amazing Bible Study Hackers.
Turns out i just forgot an s in blogspot.
So that was my adventurous day. How was yours? :)

Jimmy said...

I'm going to chime in a bit regarding the earlier posts between Ralph and Anonymous. I agree with both of you, thoroughly.

I did notice that I myself have been ragging on Lost a bit lately. The fact is, there really has been a bit of a bogging down of the story line as mentioned by Kim in Toronto (it is Kim? Right? Regardless, I like her!) I think the fact of the matter is when a show like Lost, which has such high production values starts floundering or jumping the shark, then it's a legitimate thing for fans and followers to voice their concerns.

We do know for a fact that the writers and actors listen to the podcasts and read fan feedback. When criticism is constructive and well thought out, I think it's a good thing overall. Anyone has the right to get fed up with a show and leave it if they want (like I did with the West Wing about 3 years ago).

As far as I'm concerned, SOS and The Whole Truth were dead in the water. Not even Sun posing in lingerie could save it!

Actually,in truth, I find Sun to be a bore. I know just about straight male goes gaga over her, but if you look past that, I don't find her character interesting nor the acting to be very compelling. Maybe it's simply that I find "demure" to be a turn off in all regards. OK...I'm raving about shit. Peace,

aimee in little rock said...

Jimmy, I understand your point about Sun, but I think that at the moment, she's gone flat but still has potential.

You have to admit she got interesting for a while during the stand-up-to-Jin-and-be-a-liberated-woman phase. Her character development just seemed to stop as soon as Jin came back with the tailies.

In the episode when they found the messages in a bottle, it looked like Sun was going to be a little more important, because she was shown as a decision-maker when she said not to tell anyone else, and then buried it. I thought that meant she was going to become more interesting.

If Jin was to "go away", I think she would be a lot more interesting. All she has now is teaching Jin english and being pregnant. If Jin were gone, say perhaps if he were killed, or went on a mission in the jungle and disappeared for a long time, she would have a lot more emotional struggles that would create a more interesting character.

Jimmy said...


yes, well said and pointed out. I had forgotten about Suns season 1 story arc. It does seem to have been a bit dead and buried though of late. But you are very right in pointing out that Jin is a kind of dragging anchor for her own character.

I might have been a bit harsh, but I would have to say my Lost momentum has been pretty much dogged by the constant #$&@# hiatus' and re runs between some pretty slow episodes (exception being lockdown). I think that might have contributed to some of the loss of interest I have had in some characters. You have to keep the flow going, and the writers have stuttered, or the schedulers, or more likely both.

I've got to the point where I just want to bat Sawyer!

(Sorry :)_


aimee in little rock said...

Jimmy, I think Sawyer's lack of momentum (and utter disappointment to you) is due to the writer's not following through on their development. They had him going on this fast road to something bad ass, and they stopped dead in their tracks.

They stepped it up with the "new sheriff" thing, but it's almost like they were sitting around the writing room, and suddenly said, "on second thought, let's hold off on that idea, and maybe come back to it later."

Sawyer still has the potential for greatness, in whatever manner that may be, but the writers have to stop bluffing and f'ing do it already!

I think the reason season 2 has been such a disappointment to most of us (besides the frequent hiatuses) is because they're trying to fit way too much in at once, so they're not filling in enough holes.

Season 1 was so great because they followed only a few stories at a time, that consistently progressed throughout the season. More importantly, season 1 was focused on character and relationship development rather than with plot lines.

Season 2 is the total opposite; it's all about plot lines and nothing about character & relationship development. That's why we're all so disappointed. We're not being fed that constant character development (giving us our emotional attachments to them) that we became accustomed to. The writers just want to tell us stories now.

Ralph- said...

you guys have to check out this page.

Anonymous said...

you bunch of sellouts. There is only one MYOKOM. nice try, but no dice. Come up with you own original style and format instead of ripping off craig and dylan.

Katie said...

Way to get the point, anonymous!

Turd Ferguson said...

I'm a little perplexed by the "sellout" comments.

A sellout is when one betrays their principals. What principals are being betrayed? And by whom? Craig and Dylan? Scott and Steve? Ben and Ralph?

And the "ripping off" comment...I don't believe Dylan and Craig cornered the market on two guys talking, then fielding listener comments. If they have, then they have copyright infringement case on every morning radio team. Their financial windfall is sure to be huge.

If they did have a "style and format" unique to themselves, these new guys aren't ripping of Craig and Dylan. Craig and Dylan permitted them to take over for them. Didn't you notice the "scottandsteve" address in your web browser? They didn't hack the site to post the podcast.

I'm not sure what your point was, but I'm pretty sure you're out of gas.

Keep on keepin' on, Ben and Ralph. You guys sure know how to bust one's gut! Bernard's goat sound fury has made me laugh more than once since listening to it. You guys rock!!!!!

the.whispers said...

go to itunes and click on podcasts. Put Lost in the search box and scroll through the different Lost podcasts. There are less than a dozen, I think. But you'll find the old myokomosas files there. Click on the name Scott and Steve and then you'll get a page with all their podcasts. Click on subscrtibe. Get something to drink while it downloads. ;)

Ralph, you've got some pretty big shoes to follow, but you are making your own fantastic mark. Hope we get lots of new podcasts :)

Laura (itsMrsB)

Dylan Speed, perhaps you've heard of me. said...

Carry on. I'll listen and judge just as soon as I'm able. And thank you.

Dylan Speed, perhaps you've heard of me. said...

Carry on. I'll listen and judge just as soon as I'm able. And thank you.

Ralph- said...

to annonymous, craig had this to say.

Scott and Steve said...

Fantastic job Ralph and Ben, it's podcasting GOLD!

i was in contact with craig before i put up the show, and he told me that e wanted to hear it, and asked me to put it up. it was put up with the concent of Craig!

go to sleep, annonymous!