Saturday, March 06, 2010

TLI: Sundown

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WOW! What a show! Kim and Aimee waste no time discussing Season 6, Episode 6, "Sundown" the Sayid-centric episode

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Holder said...


Holder said...

Kim, you were saying you thought Sayid was possibly doing a double agent type thing in order to get closer to MiB. I was thinking about this too, since he and Sawyer are the two people on the show who can see through people's bs. But I'm thinking it's more likely to be SAWYER who is faking loyalty to MiB. For one, he hasn't died and become infected. Second, I still feel like, even though he's all angry and sad and depressed, he still has some good in him. Lastly, dude is a con's just too perfect. Also, I just feel like he'll be a hero in the end.

Kelly Jo said...


morgan said...

Another great episode!

Chris JC said...

Alice in Wonderland - I didn't have the best view, but it's okay. It's FUN Burton, rather than DARK Burton.

No Doctor Who trail in IMAX though.

Chris JC said...

Good voice cast in Alice, too.

Holder said...

I'm gonna go ahead and guarantee a win in the Oscar pool. Just sayin.

Holder said...

Giacchino AND Minkowski? I just blew a Losty load.

JoeSC said...

Yeah, I can't believe Fisher Stevens won an Oscar for a documentary.

How random.

Congrats Giacchino!

t-dot kim said...

I'm gonna go ahead and guarantee a win in the Oscar pool. Just sayin. - Holder

I'd like to thank The Academy for my 2nd consecutive win in the S&S Ocsar Pool. There were a few categories that I should have gone with my first choices, but I second guessed myself--well it doesn't matter. I beat Holder in any regard.

Thank you.

/applause as Oh Canada plays we go to commercial

Mr. Bill said...

At least I can share the honor of being in last place with a Canadian.
It just makes me feel more polite.

This post is based on the novel Push by Sapphire.

Chris JC said...

First place, 15 right, last place 7.

I got 10 right, which I think is both an improvement on last year and the very definition of "below average".

I was right not to pick anything for An Education though, and I'm glad Giacchino and Christoph Waltz got themselves some little statuettes.

I also see that Jeff Bridges collected his in character as a boozed up country singer.

PalmerEldritch said...

finally listening to TLI. so far, so good!

as for the Oscars pool, obviously, it was rigged. :p

Stephanie said...

Thank goodness TLI will be more entertaining than the Academy Awards were. Without twitter, I would have fell asleep. Yay Avatar didn't win!

Alice in Wonderland was great! I loved everything about it except for Ann Hathaway. I hated what she was doing with her hands. Other than that- Girl Power!

JonFromNKY said...


That's why I watched Crisis on 2 Earths with my boy, went to bed, and watched the Oscars on DVR this morning. Fast-forwarded through all the BS, and commercials.

Jordan said...

Sepinwall pointed this out:

"It was a good night to be affiliated with "Lost." That show's composer Michael Giacchino (whom I profiled a couple of years ago) won the Best Original Score trophy for "Up," Fisher Stevens (who played Minkowski, the radio operator on the freighter in season four) won for producing Best Documentary winner "The Cove," and both of the Best Picture frontrunners featured "Lost" actresses in small roles: Evangeline Lilly in "Hurt Locker" and Michelle Rodriguez in "Avatar."

mb said...

Just reading through the last thread. Wow Jordan - I've read nothing but good reviews about Precious - what made you hate it?

Jordan said...

MB, You should listen to the last time I was on Steph's podcast. I went well into it.

In short, I thought it was a decently done film. But an utterly miserable viewing experience. Bordered on being torture porn. Didn't really tell a great story. Was just all about torturing the main character OVER AND OVER AND OVER. "Look how terrible this girl's life is! Oh, you thought that was bad? Check this out!"

Jordan said...

I also felt a lot of the praise the movie received had more to do with it being championed by people like Oprah than it did the movie itself. That, and it's subject matter is one of those topics where liberally minded white people have to embrace it in fear of coming off un-pc. I honestly feel if it was the exact same movie, but about a fat white girl living in a trailer park, that it wouldn't have received half the acclaim. But that's just me. A lot of people seem to think it's very good.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


I wanted someone to kill the White Queen! I'm glad I'm not the only person that was irked by what she was doing with her arms.

Overall Alice was good, but I was disappointed because I thought it would be darker.

I was thinking it'd be more like Nightmare Before Christmas than the Disney Narnia Films.

Also, besides the scene where Alice is falling down the hole, I didn't even notice that the movie was 3D. There was really no reason to see it in 3D. Maybe it's just me.

Anonymous said...

Lost tomorrow! I'm loving the move to Tuesdays.

PalmerEldritch said...


LOST tomorrow.

Cindy kills Locke and becomes the new Jacob. Then everyone rides dolphins to freedom. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!

Stephanie said...

Precious- Girl Power! We're all precious. It's not a film boys like but I think you would appreciate it, MB.