Sunday, January 25, 2009

TLI: Because You Left/The Lie

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LOST is back! Kim and Aimee discuss Episode 1 and 2 of Season 5

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andrew. said...

AWESOME!!! When it rains it pours!

t-dot kim said...

woah...that was fast Andrew!!

Here's the good ol' playlist:

Shotgun Willie – Willie Nelson
Tell Me Lies – Fleetwood Mac
No Time Left For You – The Guess Who
Sweet Lies – Usher
Why Have You Left The One You Left Me For – Crystal Gale
The Heart Won’t Lie – Vine Gill and Reba McIntyre
You Left Me – The Maine
Don’t Lie – Black Eyed Peas
Since You Left – Deestylistics
You Left Me Just When I Needed You Most – Randy Von Warmer
Would I Lie To You – Charles & Eddie
Lie To Me – NeYo
Lies – En Vouge

Stephanie said...

I can imagine that many casual viewers could get lost with Because You Left. You really have to pay attention.

Herlihy said...


Also... i seem to have noticed a theme in the song list....

you're a cunning thing, miss Kim.

memphish said...

So much fun to have TWSS overload to open the show.


Anonymous said...

Aimee you're welcome to come watch Lost with me. I have 37" HDTV.


Mr. Bill said...

As always great show ladies.

Kyle from Ky is so funny.

He reminds me of The Lars' Dre from L.A.

No insult intended, Dre and Kyle are my favorite callers.

DTJ said...

I guess its cool we can watch you record live. But without a schedule how are we supposed to know when it is? Don't exactly have all the time in the world to sit around waiting at the site.

DTJ said...

And will the Dharmalars be recording live on that site too? That would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

Kim said Thursday at 6pm eastern time

Scott said...

Thing I noticed about the premiere that I think the producers may have screwed up on...

Don't you think that there is no way that the "Preist" that they found hanging in the tree in season 1 could have parachuted out of the Nigerian Plane with how low it came in over Locke's head and low above the tree line. They also show it all the way til the crash and I didn't see any hint of anyone jumping...

What do you think? Oversight by the producers?

Tim Kring Rules the World said...


Heroes: 1
Lost: 0

Suck it Lost! Bwahahaha!

Chris JC said...

Well, that makes perfect sense, the acting in Heroes is very good. It's just everything else that sucks. Remind me to spam a Heroes blog the next time a LOST actor gets an Emmy.

Kim, no "Terrible Lie" by Nine Inch Nails?

Chris JC said...

Hang on - that SAG award is for the stunt ensemble. Of course a superhero action series is going to do well in stunt categories.

Did you laugh at Blair Witch Project fans when it didn't win an Oscar for best score?

Alirio said...

Great to have some regular TLI and Dharmalars.

I wonder if that Jones fellow I think is a young Widmore could be JACOB Jones???

Stephanie said...

I think the reason the Others aren't skipping through time is because of the injections.

Chris JC said...

Aimee: Did he just ask me to go down?

Very good.

memphish said...

Steph -- if the Others aren't skipping because of the injections, then why is Juliet skipping? Do you think hers have worn off? Do you think the Others bugged out with a fresh batch of injections when they left Othersville and are still taking them every 8? days?


Herlihy said...

I thought the people who are skipping in time are the people who have been on the island the least amount of time. So, the 815ers have been on for around 108 days and the freighties even less.

The only spanner in the works is Juliet. If this theory's right, then i assume that she's the only one who's been brought to the Island by Alpert and suchlike in the past three years...

...the more i think about it, the more i am thinking it's bollocks.

JonFromNKY said...

Death by flaming arrow, or death by dishwasher? Which was cooler?

Does anyone besides me think of The Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors whenever they say "Frogurt?"

memphish said...

I'm going to go with flaming arrows because it killed more people that the dishwasher. Also the dishwasher death was preventable. Kim -- turn your knives down!

Herlihy, the other problem with the Others not traveling is that the Others group should contain 815ers in it -- Cindy, the kids, the other people taken from the Tailie camp. So whatever is keeping Richard from traveling has been done to them too or else they would be moving with Locke.


PalmerEldritch said...

good morning, blogspotica!

/early afternoon

mb said...

I'm going to be an annoying pain in the ass and correct Kim on "Tell me Lies by Fleetwood Mac - it's actually "Little Lies".

Still works though - so this post really is pretty pointless. sorry Kim.



Chris JC said...

I could have sworn the song wa just called "Lies".

Shows what I know!

mb said...

Listening now....

mb said...

RE: Kim and Aimee's point about the the possible inconsistency in having Purge happening 12 years ago AND Rousseau losing Alex to the Others 16 years ago:

the first thing that comes to my mind is that Horace said (in Locke's dream) that he's been dead for 12 years, but he didn't specify that it was because of the purge. Perhaps he survived and died another way, 4 years later

memphish said...

MB, They show us Horace dead in the Purge in Ben's Flashback. Ben closes his eyes.


Chris JC said...

But - the purge was just in the Barracks, no?

Ben could still nab a 4-6 year old child and raise it as his own leaving her with little or no memory of her mother, especially if she is continually told the bullshit story that Ben is her father. Or she could have been taken by the Others shortly after birth and then "assigned" to Ben after the Purge.

I'm going with the idea of older - it helps make more sense of them still using the name Alex rather than trying to give her another name (although that does kinda contradict the previous point about "programming" Alex to accept this as her real life - but hey, LOST doesn't have to be easy).

Jordan from the 206 said...

*Cough* Andrew *Cough*

Sorry. Couldn't resist. ;)

Oh. And I gotta disagree with Chris saying that the acting in Heroes is "good". That show has some of the worst acting on tv. Milo Ventimiglia, Ali Larter, Adrian Pasdar, Sendhil Ramamurthy. These people would be in soap operas if not for the show.

So, new Lost in a couple days, eh? I forget the old protocol. When is it we stop talking about the last ep and start talking about the upcoming one?

And I think MB is right about the title of the Fleetwood Mac song.

Chris JC said...

MB is totally right - that was me confirming that something I've thought for years is wrong. i prefer "Tusk", anyway.

As for the Heroes comment, I was just being pissy and rising to the troll. I know you aren't supposed to do that.

PalmerEldritch said...

if you've been dead for 16 years, then you could still honestly say that you've spent the last 12 years being dead. it's just that you were dead for 4 years before then too.

so, what Horace said was true. from a certain point of view...

/obi-wan kenobi

Chris JC said...

Ah, yes - I'd forgotten about revisionist sci-fi bullshit. Good call, Palmer - Lucas was clearly making that stuff up as he went along.

mb said...

Checked Lostpedia RE: Rousseau and Alex which says:

"She (Danielle) says that she was together with the baby for a week before she saw a pillar of black smoke about five kilometers inland and on that night, her child was taken from her. She says the baby was taken by the Others but she also has said that she had never seen one of them at that time and only knew them as whispers"

So, Alex was a week-old infant when taken. Ben must have kept her out of the purge.

PalmerEldritch said...

until we know what the heck was up with CrazyVisionHorace, we should take the 12 years with a grain of salt.

also, his nose was bleeding. creepy.

Chris JC said...

Request for next TLI playlist:

ABBA - Santa Rosa

David Bedford (with Mike Oldfield and the London Queen's College Choir) - The Rio Grande

Actually, that last one isn't very TLI - and would have been more appropriate for the end of S4, especially with the proper lyrics rather than the wrong ones in that fan vid.

mb said...

RE: Ben and his off-island activities. I'm sure he'd love to go back to the island but I don't think that's why he's trying to get everyone together to go back. I got the impression that he and Mrs. Hawking and Jill are just trying to prevent something really bad happening as a result of the island's current instability. There is apparently a network of off-island people that are connected with the island and it looks like they are trying to perhaps stabilize it again after the Donkey Wheel got turned.

Jordan from the 206 said...

Theorizing Lost post-donkey wheel has really become quite the crazy exercize. Anything is pretty much game.

Jordan from the 206 said...

Hey, if anyone is interested in a hilariously awesome, so bad it's good, movie. Go rent The Marine. It's not a "good" movie. But it's so great!

Mr. Bill said...

Does anyone else think that Ms. Hawking could have been in the first off island "Station"?

When she was walking to the circular staircase she opened one of those submarine style doors that we always see in the on island stations.


PalmerEldritch said...

i really hope that Ben isn't a "good" guy. the dude's a psycho.

even if Ben is trying to do a good thing, it's for his own selfish reasons. the LOSTies should screw him over by the end of the show.

Mr. Bill said...

Our Lost season 5 premier podcast is now up.

t-dot kim said...

As for the 12 year/16 year timeline thing...I'm not 100% standing behind it. If Alex was 4 years old, she could have been with the other "Others" that survived away in an underground station, or just no where near the radius of ppl that got infected.

However, I do think that if the Oceanic 6 don't get back on the island at the right time, they'll be on a different "string" as the the 815ers that stayed/or were left behind. I still think they'd time travel once they got to the island with each "flash", but instead of moving with the 815ers, the Oceanic 6 would flash to a different time. (ie, 815ers go to 1996, O6 go to 1978)

Fleetwood Mac bad.

t-dot kim said...


/belated Kablamo

memphish said...

Damon and Carlton discuss running into yourself on the Island here.


Stephanie said...

I have had tell me lies tell me sweet little lies stuck in my head all day.

Stephanie said...

Lost is thumbing their nose at Heroes.

Mr Bill, you and your pals are a lot of fun to listen to while you cook sirloin tips, brown gravy and creamed potatoes.

Jimmy said...

Nice episode, ladies...highly appreciate it.

I think that Faraday is back in time at the rock wall of the Arrow on a suicide mission. This event will pan out right to the end of the season/s. He has to blow it up in order to fix something that has gone wrong. Possibly to save Charlotte? It's the last resort after trying and trying to help things get changed to how they were "meant" to be.

Love Kim's point about Faraday talking to his Mum and telling her what needs to be said to Desmond when he arrives.

It seems that Faraday may know what happens already...or will soon. Have we ever thought that Miles knows what happens too...and is in fact faking his psychic abilities?

Desmond's monastery was in Scotland, I believe. Carlisle is a large town on the English, Scots border (Where Penny was taking the wine)

andrew. said...

- Hey Jordan: Please review this tape

- TLI ladies - please refer to me for now on as OG andrew. or Cindy's Lovah Andrew. I can't believe i had to suffer the indignity of being called not-andew-razzledazzle and then have that johnny-come-lately throw dirt on the wound in the next podcast. it's on like donkey kong!!!

- i tend to agree with the thought that Alex was snatched up by the Others/hostiles rather than Dharma. Dharma may have had fishy militaristic tendencies but child abduction seemed out of their modus operandi.
It's still a little out of whack because Ben was pretty young when he was playing double agent and commiting the purge.
It would have been a lot cleaner if Rousseau & her team arrived after the purge, because it seems like it would have been hard to miss running across Dharma when they were in full swing.

- Thanks for that video link Holli. Interesting stuff. Who do we think will run across their doppleganger first? Can Lost fans survive 2 shirtless Sawyers on the screen at once?

PalmerEldritch said...

i think that we can only get Sawyer playing duelin' banjos against himself or Juliet wrestling herself in a tub of dharma whipped topping IF

A) they are doing so with future versions of themselves


B) doing so is already part of the timeline

if that makes any sense. makes sense to me. of course, i grew up on television Sci-Fi.

Slumdog, anyone? :)

went to see it the other day. and found out that The Wrestler is playing at the same theater. hmmm... i may have to catch that too!

Mr. Bill said...

Thanks Steph,I think we raised some good points and James had a great idea about the lighthouse station.

t-dot kim said...


I referred to you as "Andrew from Pittsburgh"

(but it Aimee didn't pick up on it)

mb said...

"i tend to agree with the thought that Alex was snatched up by the Others/hostiles rather than Dharma"

Yes! That makes total sense, b/c the Others hadn't taken up residence in Othersville yet, so if they had Alex, they'd make sure (I assume) she'd be safe from the purge

Jordan from the 206 said...

The wrestler was great. I REALLY hope Rourke beats out Sean "my face looks like an ass" Penn for the Oscar. Made me puke when I saw Penn won the SAG award last night.

And I agree with Not Andew Razzledazzle about Alex and the others. Wouldn't make sense for Dharma to get involved in such things.

mb said...

A thought while listening to The Transmission -

There must be a connection to Alpert visiting John Locke as a child and showing him the compass (along with the knife, comic book...etc.), and giving him the compass next to the drug plane, I'm just trying to decide what the connection is.
Does Alpert think he would somehow recognize it if Locke was "the chosen one" as it were - that Locke might be able to access memories throughout time (or at least time of HIS life)?

mb said...

Jordan - yikes! was Penn BAD in Milk or something?

mb said...

by "recognize it" I of course meant the compass in the previous post

Jordan from the 206 said...

I was afraid to say this, in fear of being labeled a homophobe. But I totally hated Milk. And even more so totally hated Sean Penn in it. I'm a huge Sean "my face looks like I sucked a sour dick" Penn a good deal. But I can admit when he does a really good job in a film. This performance was nowhere near his other top acting jobs. He was whiney, smug, and that stupid voice drove me nuts. I have my opinion as to why he's getting heaped with such praise. And I'm sure you already know what it is. So I won't even bother getting into it. Oh, and holy shit on a stick. How f'n annoying was Emile Hirsch in that movie? I wanted to go back in time and to San Fran just to punch him in those stupid glasses. And what was so great about Josh Brolin in that movie? How was that an Oscar nominated performance? All he did was act annoyed the whole movie. ARGH. The stupid movie was boring. Why was it nominated for best picture? Oh wait, I know why. The Wrestler, Doubt, and The Dark Knight were all superior films, none of which were nominated. And I could pick a ton more.

Two other Oscar complaints real quick. Why only 3 songs nominated? And how could you do that and leave off Springstein's title from The Wrestler? I'm not even much of a Boss fan, but I thought it was great. And why the heck did Sweden choose to not submit Let the Right One In for foreign film?????

Scott said...

Hey everybody... I haven't posted on here much since the last season of lost. Hello again.

Jordan... I've been avoiding "Milk" too. I hear its so great from all these critics, but honestly I don't like Sean Penn. I can't think of a movie I ever liked with him in it (even Fast Times at Ridgemont High). So I'm sure I'll watch it at some point but in no hurry.

I LOVED THE WRESTLER. Mickey Rourke was great and Darren Aronofsky put a superb movie together. I love all Aronofsky's fims. I do think the Wrestler was one of the years best.

Another thing that makes me mad is that my favorite film of the year wasn't nominated for best picture. WALL-E... it was spectacular. More than a kids movie.

Back to lost...
What do you guys think about them leaving out how someone parachuted from the Nigerian plane before it crashed.
here's a picture...
This bothers me if its just an oversight. Seems sloppy on the producers part. Other that that, I loved the episodes.

PalmerEldritch said...

maybe he just jumped out before Locke noticed the airplane?

Stephanie said...

Forget Milk. Watch The Times of Harvey Milk. It's ten times better.
Slumdog is fantastic.
As is Doubt.
Lost is pretty good too.

mb said...


It's a featurette about season 5 based on the limited knowledge we have so far, however,
PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS POSTED IN THE SPOILERS SECTION OF DARK UFO (though I've linked to a discreet page) so don't go clicking around other links if you're spoiler-free

There are one or two times where the actors are talking about very general plot elements going forward.

Season 5 featurette

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ralph- said...

I liked Wall*E but felt it was overrated. mostly by producer ryan. I felt that the first 45 minutes was brilliant and the last half was kinda lazy. i feel that Pixar was afraid to bore the kids.

Malcolm said...

is it possible that the daniel that was in the confirmed dead flashback was some kind of time warp daniel? that might explain why he was crying. it still doesn't make sense.

great podcast. best of luck to oklahaimee and her...oklahoma-ness. and speaking of oklahoma, when does dylan come back from the navy? will he be back before lost ends?

Malcolm said...

milk was great, but no best picture. i feel the same way about slumdog. haven't seen doubt, frost/nixon, or the bi-curious case of benjamin button, but they all look good. i would like to see the times of harvey milk.

Anonymous said...

Was listening to TLI and had to comment since I was quoted.

But first, props to Ben of the Dharmalars for sharing my end of days theory (island is traveling and will end up on land if teleporting does not stop).

AK (Aimee and Kim) and Co., 2 Things:

1. Re: Russo & Horace
There for sure is something fishy going on with Russo or the Dharma Initiative was really EVIL. Why would the Hostiles kill everyone and not Russo? It doesn't make sense. I think it's probably both. My point about the time discrepancy (b/w taking Alex, the transmission, and the purge) is that Russo used the Dharma station while Dharma still existed. Also, the Hostiles / Others / Ben, knew of Russo's existence and didn't kill her? (Doesn't sound right)

Lastly, the way they had those scenes in the Lost review thing before the premiere suggests that it's a hint that something is up with Russo. They edited it that way to make it obvious for those who didn't catch it originally (the fact that no one else started talking about this other than me makes me think maybe it wasn't obvious).

2. Island Time Traveling
I am 100% convinced the island is moving in time and not the people.

Let's call the people who are time traveling LOST and the Others OTHERS (pun). My theory is that because the OTHERS are "part of the island" they do not travel outside of time. The people who are LOST do because they are not part of the island.

There is no problem with Jules because she was marked as "one of them" and cast out of the OTHERS so she is LOST. A problem arises with Locke. Why is Locke time traveling if he's one of them? Maybe he was chosen by the island? I don't know. But this is my theory as of now.

Back to my point. Let's say somehow the O6 'n Co. return. If the time traveling continues, then I believe they too would jump to whatever time the island is in. I guess my theory is that time is only changing on the island. Kind of like the wardrobe as a gate to Narnia. If you are outside the wardrobe it's 2007. If you go inside it's whatever time it is on the island.

Either way, I'm pretty sure Dan will attempt to explain in the next episode.

Anonymous said...

Don't know how to edit comments.

Sorry RALPH. I mistakenly sited Ben as the source of that theory.

Anonymous said...

1 last thing.

Does anyone else think that if this was an HBO series that the Losties would be naked after the time travel scenes since their clothes would not exist?

Since Kate is gone and Claire is mia, I'm glad the show is on ABC.