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PalmerEldritch said...

oh snap. that other thread disappeared like the Island.

who manned the donkey wheel?

Herlihy said...


This is awesome! thanks for this girls!

Mr. Bill said...


Chris JC said...


Indeed, what DID happen to "Are You Ready?!"

memphish said...

I hope this shuts Anonymous up.


Anonymous said...

I'm Anonymous and I suck at everything, but yes, I will now shut up.

Will now listen while possibly flagellating myself.

Chris JC said...

Jeremy Davies, the Unabomber?

Don't forget he also played Charles Manson.

Mr. Bill said...

As always great job ladies!

I danced a jig like these people.

Chris JC said...

"She's 16! She's not even legal!"

Depends where you are, non?

Chris JC said...

Silly me - I should have thought...

Hottest Guy: Michael (mid-explosion).

Certainly pretty toasty.

Mr. Bill said...

Dr. Who fans, check this out!


Chris JC said...


Is it any good, MB?

JonFromNKY said...

Can the Steelers and Ravens both lose, and make me the happiest person alive?.,,,, I apologize for those not too interested in the NFL,, or the Bengals,, or life in general.

andrew. said...

- WHOOOO Stillers!


t-dot kim said...



Alirio said...


In Quebec, the age of consent is still a Napoleonic 14...

Jordan from the 206 said...

Can the Steelers and Ravens both lose?

Can the Steelers and Cardinals both lose? SIGH!

/NFC West fan who also hates the Stealers

Herlihy said...

Whoo! I really enjoyed that podcast, i think it may have been my favourite episode so far! Good work girls!

andrew. said...

- greatly enjoyed the Losties ladies. thanks much. i may need to come up with a more distinctive name.

- WOOOOOOO Stillers!

- i watched the 1st two episdoes of "United States Of Tara" and it's a fun show. It kind of reminds me of Weeds in that there is a very risque twist and premium-cable lewdness that shake up some of the very orthodox sitcom trappings.

- i'm also in the middle of a rewatch of The Wire. i'm almost done with season 2. I didn't really remember much of this season. For instance, i didn't think that Amy Ryan's character was in it much but she's in every episode.

- LOST on wednesday!

JonFromNKY said...

Jordan,, you an I can probably agree on much as far as the Pittsburgh matter. Considering Shawn Alexander grew up here, played ball and graduated with my brother.

They stole the AFC championship from the Bengals after Kimo Von Oelhoffen assaulted Carson Palmer (CHEATERS!)

Then they went on to win the Superbowl against a far superior Seattle team who had to play against the Officials as much as the Steelers! Grrrr!

(the previous statements were spontaneous, and not scientifically proven, but will be one day God willing)

Well, the Losties should cheer me up.

t-dot kim said...


PalmerEldritch said...

is Ryan Clark gunna be fined? first, he goes after McGahee's knee and then he does a helmet to helmet hit on the same guy. yeesh.

scary stuff.

oh. shit. is Ryan Clark the guy who had the cheap shot on Wes Welker a few weeks back? that guy seems to have a habit of unnecessary roughness. hopefully, he'll have ten or fifteen thousand dollars less to spend on hookers and blow after winning the SuperBowl next month.

new favorite Who rumor posted over on the BBS. TARDIS + Bionica Jones = ?? :p

great job on the podcast, ladies. enjoyed the hell out of it.

will there be more live vid-casts? hmmmm? and will have Kim have another fashionable scarf?!

Chris JC said...

Are people rumouring Michelle Ryan again?

Now that the Doctor has been cast and has turned out not to be someone who has previously appeared in a Steven Moffat show, I guess people are turning to his past cast for the companion (Michelle was in Jekyll).

If so, expect some of these names:

Julia Sawalha
Gina Bellman
Carey Mulligan (Sally Sparrow from Blink)
Kelda Holmes
Claire Forlani
Lucy Benjamin
Garbielle Anwar

Sorry - Who talk. Back to the LOST chat w/ sports.

Jordan from the 206 said...

Oh don't worry Jon. It might not be scientifically proven (yet). But it's universally accepted (outside of Pitt that is). Pretty much the worst ref'd game EVER.

And regarding the only Lostie category that I care about, hottest chick. First of all, I disagree with the girls. I like dirty island Kate better than I do future dressed up Kate. And second of all, I also disagree with the girls. Had I done a list, I would've given serious thought to putting Alex at the top of my list. Partly because I'm sick of giving it to Kate year after year. But also because there was a point during last season when Alex took a serious turn to the hot side. And for the record, she is legal. She's 20 years old. So get off my back. Hell, that's almost over the hill in some circles.

andrew. said...

- Stillers = Steelers kim. Western Pennsylvania has its own dialect.

- Everyone felt badly for McGahee, but that was a clean hit. McGahee lowered his head into the impact trying to get lower and continue his run. Clark was headed for his chest and instead got laid out with a concussion.
And that shit about the Clark going after a knee... the Ravens spent all week shit talking about how they were going to take out Hines Ward's knee for good. I'm not such a baby that i think that Ward's injury was actually anything more than the dangers of playing football.
Real football fans don't cry about refs. You don't think the Steelers have had calls go against them? In fact, this year the NFL had to special conference on the fact that the refs in the Chargers game completely misinterpreted the rules of the game.
Sorry your team didn't win, but don't try to cheapen the Steelers' victory.


Jordan from the 206 said...

Pretty funny timing. I was just reading a thread on my Seahawks forum where a Stealer (thats how it's spelled her) fan dared claim that Seattle fans were the only one with the opinion that Super Bowl XL was horrifically ref'd. So I have ample ammo at my disposal. lol. Feel free to dismiss in passionate display of Stiller pride. poll taken the day after SB XL.

Another poll.

More polls from the day after.

So yeah. Seattle fans loathe Pittsburgh for this reason. Also because for months on end after the game, MANY Pitt fans flooded each and every Seattle forum and flamed rather obnoxiously in efforts to justify their title. Whatever though, y'all won. That should be enough right? But serious, you got to look at it from our standpoint. Pitt has 5 (prob soon to be 6 rings). We got jack crap. That season was our best ever. And much in typical Seattl sports fashion, our most shining moment ended up a bitter slap in the face. And unfortunately, yes it was very one-sided in it's officiating. Wish my guy with the polls had the one from earlier this year where had the nation pick the worst officiated game in all of sports over the last decade, where XL won with a whopping 40% of the vote out of something like 10 choices. But again, the past is in the past. I've tried to get past it. Bitching about it does no good at this point. That is unless a Stealer fan has the audacity to scoff at the claim. ;) Oh, and if you ever come to Seattle, might not be the smartest thing to wear a Stiller shirt. :P

But be comforted in this though Andrew. As much as it pains me to admit. I will actually be "rooting" for your team to win this SB. I use the term rooting extremely loosely. It's more like I want them to lose less than I want Arizona to lose. Even though Pitt is evil in my eyes, at least their fans are real fans. Arizona does not have fans. They have "fans". I have friends who live down there, and I have attended at game down there before. Some of the worst football fans in the country. First off all, that stadium that was packed yesterday, no way in hell more than 25% of those people were "fans" before this season. Everybody in AZ roots for other teams and normally mocks and ridicules the Cardinals. Most people down there are Dallas, Oakland, Chicago, Pitt fans, etc. But of course the home town team gets hot and "woo hoo! that's our team!" Get this. For their round one playoff game (the first they have ever hosted since they moved to AZ), they needed the NFL to give them THREE extentions to sell out their game so it was not blacked out. And it only happened once a few local businesses bought out the remaining alotment. There was a local swimming pool company that was giving away a pair of tickets FREE with any purachase of pool supplies over $100. Yeah. People in other NFL cities sleep overnight outside the box office and pay scalpers 10 times over face value for playoff tix. But down there you could get them free with a couple buckets of chlorine. And furthermore, as a fan of a team who it took 5 years of gut-wrenching playoff losses and then a 13-3 season with a #1 seed just get to a Super Bowl. Yeah, it really annoys me to see a crappy division rival who went 9-7 and made the playoffs for the first time, and who was 6-0 against the 2nd, 4th, and 10th worst teams in the league (the horrible nfc west), and 3-7 against everone else, to accomplish the same feat, possibly more. The Cards final 3 games against non-nfc west opponents: 48-20 loss to Philly, 35-14 loss to Minn, and a 47-7 loss to NE. That team doesn't wasn't good this year! And they totaly lucked out with the top 3 seeds in the NFC all chocking in their first games. A #4 seed who went 9-7 in a horrible division shouldn't get to host the conference title game! Basically what I'm saying is I'm jealous as hell. I hate sports. And holy crap could I have made some serious cash had I bet on the Cards before the playoffs started.

When's baseball start? I can't wait to watch the Mariners suck. Should be awesome.

Jordan from the 206 said...

Sorry non-sports fans and British people. But sports are my Lost. :P

And with how frustrating it is to be a sports fan in the city I live. It's the equivalent of loving Lost and watching as Nikki, Paolo, and Bai Ling become the 3 central characters. And you can't turn away cuz you love it so much. lol.

Chris JC said...

I get it. It's like being a really big fan of pizza but living on an island where a decent one has never, nor will ever be, made.

Jordan from the 206 said...

One more for you Andrew. This is a good one. ;)

Jordan from the 206 said...

Oh, and in efforts to bring the discussion back to something everyone enjoys. Here's a Lost theory for ya. Alex was inexplicably killed off last season for the specific reason of the fact that she was becoming too hot and womanly. The writers had nothing too great planned for her, and they didn't want some ancillary character taking away all of Kate's attention.

Jordan from the 206 said...

Dammit Andrew. Thanks to you and the other Pitt fan on my Seahawks forum (mostly that, that thread got seriously out of hand as you can imagine), I was forced to take ten deep breaths and then watch my happy song.

I swear, that song is just so fun. How could anyone watch that and continue to be in a bad mood?

PalmerEldritch said...

poor Seattle. i still remember when they came out to BITTERSWEET SYMPHONY at the Superbowl. like they knew ahead of time that they were gunna lose.

Stephanie said...

Football, football blah blah blah.

So much fun, girls. If I had known you were doing a live show I would have called in sick to work. Give us a head's up next time.

Jordan from the 206 said...

Yeah Palmer, that's a funny one. Actually, that song had been their intro for all home games the past 3 seasons. Hell, I think they might still use it. I always thought it was a bit odd myself. But they only use the music, not the lyrics. I guess it's meant to be dramatic. So it's not that bad. Still though, I totally agree. Not the most smash mouth song.

Jordan from the 206 said...

New 24 tonight. Is Yemi going to make it through the ep? Place your bets now.

JonFromNKY said...

Jordan, as much as I can't stand Pittsburgh, you're absolutely correct... At least they have fans. And believe me,, those fans don't mind making the trip to Cincinnati for a game. I remember specifically at least 2 consecutive Oktoberfest weekends coinciding with a Pitt/Bengals game. And when the game let out the flood of yellow and black clothing infiltrated the downtown streets of Cincinnati like an obnoxious tidal wave.

Lost talk - uhh,, uhh, Vincent is Jacob. Vincent is the fifth Cylon.

memphish said...

I wish Vincent was the 5th Cylon. I still think he's the Smoke Monster.


Jordan from the 206 said...

Vincent would be a better 5th Cylon than the actual one.

Herlihy said...

...i just got kicked out of a nightclub for the first time. I feel vindicated. i did nothing wrong. :(

Lost stuff? HMM. I have a theory, but it's a bit out there...

During There's No Place Like Home, Hurley tells Jack that Charlie said "you're not supposed to raise him" and then Hurley adds "do you think he means Aaron?"... and then in Kate's dream, Claire told Kate while she was in Aaron's bedroom, "don't bring him back, don't you dare bring him back" or something to that expression.

...what if they're not talking about Aaron and the writers are just bluffing the audience into thinking they're talking about the baby. If you look at the sentences, "RAISE him", "BRING him BACK"... A sinister thinker could very well think that they could be talking about resurrection.

I'm thinking there could be two possibilities for said plan. Locke, or Christian Shepard. When i was theorising this theory, i was thinking Christian, as he was the most prominent dead person on the Island. But now, i'm thinking that it might be Locke that shouldn't be brought back to life, mainly due to the fact that he's just died... and he's an important son of a bitch.

It would certainly make returning to the Island alot more easier with Locke being alive rather than dead weight...

Sincere apologies if this doesn't make sense at all... i'm quite inebriated. If anyone's bothered... I could elaborate more when i'm sober...

Whoa. this post is well long. Jordan long.

t-dot kim said...

Whoa. this ... is well long. Jordan long.




Stephanie said...

As far as I can tell, Ryan, your comment is discussed on the frakkin podcast I'm attempting to upload at this very moment.

Herlihy said...

hahaha Kim, you're aways on the ball with those TWSS's. Well done. I did a real life LOL and everything.

And Steph? Really? awesome. I can't wait to hear it. Hopefully it'll be better explained that what i wrote... haha.

Stephanie said...

Ryan should have kablammoed.

Herlihy said...

I'm sorry steph.


t-dot kim said...

What are everyone's plans for Wednesday night's season 5 premiere of LOST?

PalmerEldritch said...

we're having a friend over and having a waffle-party. fresh out of the waffle maker and then slathered in fruits, whipped cream, nutella, or whatever the heck we decide to put on the bastards.

then it's time for three freakin' hours of LOST. delicious!

t-dot kim said...

P, sounds delicious!

Aimee is planning an "after-party" on

If anyone is interested, they can check it out after the show airs. She'll be on Skype and on our channel.

Angie said...

Hi, Loved the Losties and all the other podcasts. Yours is definitely one of my favorite Lost podcasts- love the girl perspective (i.e. comments about hot, off-island Sayid). Can't wait to hear your take on season 5.
Happy Lost Day
Angie from Austin

Angie said...
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