Monday, January 22, 2007

Save the Podcast, Save the World

For the next two weeks, distract yourself with a show that actually answers questions. Heroes returns tonight on NBC at 9/8c.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'll never get bored of that.

Anonymous said...

Must get around to actually watching Heroes.


Scott and Steve said...

I think you can still watch all of the episodes at - it's a really good show, and there are a lot of Lost connections.

aimee in little rock said...

Crap, I always forget to sign out. That was me ^.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if i can, being outside the US an all that - but i have the first 3 episodes on my pc at home. Watched the first one and liked it.


mrlerone said...

I know this isn't the most appropriate place to be suddenly discussing Lost theories, but re-watching the Season 3 premiere the other morning, I noticed something I hadn't before. As I was wearing headphones I think I could hear background noises a lot clearer, and during the sequence when the Otherville Others run out of their houses after the myseterious rumbling noise, you can clearly hear two people shout "What was the source?" and "Can anybody find a source?"

For me this was significant as I always thought it was a bit suspicious that they run outside immediately after the mini-earthquake. If they have some kind of procedure for these kind of things, ie looking for 'sources', it implies that this has definitely happened before.

I know that Benry's reaction of setting two teams off to search for survivors is very hasty, suggesting it was a plan he wasn't using for the first time, but now knowing that they are looking for something specific in the sky I feel that the whole reason they crashed wasn't so nicely tied up and solved with the Season 2 finale.

Mike Campbell said...

Heroes doesn't answer that many questions. I hope its not as slow as when the show still started.

But let us remember there is a better show at the same time as heroes. 24 is better then heroes, in my eyes, its action packed and even in its 6th it can still surprise you. Even though its on Fox, and Fox is evil, 24 is an amazing show.

aimee in little rock said...

My brother found a stray puppy in the woods - it's a little baby black Cocker Spaniel; couldn't be more than 5-6 weeks old.

I called Animal Services, and they said they don't have room for it, so it'll be euthanized if I bring it to them.

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Ralph- said...

but are the Questions in Heroes as interesting and intriguing as LOST?

Casey D said...

I tryed watching heros and I gotta be honest, I think its kinda lame, the whole time I just feel like its trying to be lost

aimee in little rock said...

- Begin Rant -

Heroes is to me, really fun to watch. I love shows with big ensemble casts, and the comic-book feel of Heroes is just cool. They don't seem to hold out on giving answers as much as Lost does, but I still think Lost is a much better show, especially with its characters. Heroes is nowhere near as intelligent as Lost, and some of the mystique from Heroes does seem to be trying to rip off Lost, but it still doesn't mean it isn't a good show.

We shouldn't compare everything we watch to Lost, because nothing will ever stack up to it. Sometimes shows can just be good, simply for the sake of being good. Don't try to dig so hard for perfection, or else you'll never be satisfied with anything you watch.

- End Rant -

Anonymous said...

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It was the first that i came upon so there might be better lists out there in internetica.
i've done some volunteering at a no-kill shelter here in Pittsburgh and it's a great place.
and, in keeping with The Price Is Right week around here, in the immortal words of Bob Barker "remember to have your pets spayed or neutered!!!"


Wesh said...

I agree Aimee. I like Heroes too, and although there might be some stuff that kinda looks ripped off from Lost, I really don't pay attention to that. Not like lost, Heroes isn't bound to science, so i can freely take in all the fantastic and over the top action, and just take it as it is. Lost is n°1 ofcourse, but Heroes is cool too. And 24! :)

oh yeah btw, i have one gripe about lost that i need to get off my chest. I thought the makers were going to keep it all in a science or pseudo-science based world, but they've admitted that the smoke monster can manifest itself as persons (Yemi), and I really can't see that happening in science and even for pseudo science i think it's a bit far fetched. I can kinda see how a hologram would work, but then again holograms can't lift up pople (eko, pilot) and smash them up against trees and stuff.
bleh. i hope we'll get some extra explanation or something that'll help with acepting this "monster manifestation" thingie.
We'll see.

t-dot kim said...

OK...back from road trip to the lovely state of New York... sadly, I spent most of the time in Buffalo. Yuck! What did I miss?

Ralph I've already set my PVR for The Price Is Right!

TJ, it really sucks that you can't watch Heroes outside the US on :( Damn you FCC!

As for all of the Heroes talk...
I do enjoy LOST better than Heroes, and if you think about it some of the story lines/characters are similar. I'm sure we can thank JJ Abrams for that!

Both show have a great emsemble cast. A good mix of comedic, dramatic plot points, international characters...and a bit of romance thrown in there. I love the Peter/Simone/Issac love triange... do I even have to mention Jack/Kate/Sawyer?

Walt on LOST is like Micah on Heroes...both kids are roughly the same age, both are gifted--they got the smarts, and both have a special power that we (the audience) haven't seen yet.

In both plot lines a character is "revealed" in a wheelchair--pretty much in the same way. We do know that Heidi Petrelli (Victor's Wife) was in a car accident, but we still don't know why John Locke was in his chair.

Mr. Eko and "The Haitian" are not only physically similar, but when we were first introduced to them, neither character said much--and both men simply scare the shit out of the other characters in the show.

I think since the Swan blew up, Desmond may have premonitions, on Heroes Issac paints his "visions" (though he as to be high to paint them).

You've got Mr. Bennet who will do anything to protect his daughter like Michael who actually KILLED to get his son back. (OK--that could be said of any parent, but I'm trying to make a point).

On LOST you have the Dharma Initiative--with their surveillance cameras and pod-stations monitoring the activity of their specimens, on Heroes we know there is some sort of privately funded organization watching and tagging the Heroes all over the world.

The cast of LOST has to learn to live with what they have once they crashed on the island--a new way of life, some characters on Heroes are just discovering their powers are learning to live and carry on with their new found abilities.

On Heroes we can expect there to be the "Good Heroes" and the "Bad Heroes". LOST we have our plane crash survivors and The Others.

Both show you're rooting for the loveable underdogs: Hurley & Hiro.

OK--so some of my similarities are a stretch, but when I'm watching the show, I can't help but compare Heroes to LOST.


Mike Campbell said...

Kim - amazing compairsion. Really well put together.

JJ and Tim Kring, the creator of Heroes, are old pals so i am sure they got influences together. Also what network isn't going to say "make it more like such and such which is making millions"

What we are forgetting is that Jack Bauer could bite the neck of any hero. Maybe even the neck off anyone on Lost, Syiad might give him a run for the money. Lost and Heroes can be easily compaired. 24 not so much. Its straight out action with crazy twists thrown in to keep it fresh. Since its been on for a few years the past seasons are easy to get and i would recomend them to anyone. except season 2. that one sucked :)

stephsmith said...

Jeph Loeb was a writer for Lost in season 2 and is now a Co-executive producer and writer for Heroes.

Everyone has made good points.I agree except about 24. I don't watch. I can't deal with another show, especially one so dramatic.

I do have a spoiler for 24. Next season it will be biological weapons. Just a process of elimination.

rubycalaber said...

Are you on the... um... podcast list... yeh whatever.

Mike Campbell said...

can we admit that Heroes needs to stop with those stupid catchphrases. "Save the cheerleader" can only be out done by "are you on the list" come on now. A show doesn't need a catcphrase. Or does it...

Are you on the island

aimee in little rock said...

Isaac drew a picture of Hiro and Charlie while he was sober! But gee whiz, a heroin addict and a cute blonde named Claire? Where have I seen one of those before?

Don't forget all the biblical references ("Genesis", Micah, etc.) just like Lost. And the identical and/or similar episode titles (i.e. Collision).

Save the surgeon, save the world.

Anonymous said...

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t-dot Kim said...

OMG, I can't believe I forgot about the heroin addicts: Charlie & Isaac

Out of sight, out of mind. When is LOST coming back already!!

Tall Guy said...

I like Heroes. The show did get the Lost-lite tag when it started, but is rapidly cutting its own path and creating its own strong mythology. Good stuff.

aimee in little rock said...

My favorite part from last night's episode was when Hiro goes to Isaac's pad & sees Nathan Petrelli, and gets all excited to see "the flying man". And when he's talking to Nathan, he makes the little flying gesture, and Nathan says "keep your voice down!" so Hiro does it again, only lower. Oh my gosh, I love that guy.

Mike Campbell said...

it was the typical "Welcome Back" episode. It was nice to see what stuff they will focus on with the new batch. Did anyone see the Deal or No Deal before heroes? I saw a preview that they would be giving a preview of another hero that will appear later this year. I was just wondering who it was.

aimee in little rock said...

My assumption was that they were referring to the invisible dude that Peter saw in his dream/on the street. I recognize that actor from that movie Shallow Grave (and more recently the Sci-Fi show Dr. Who).

Anonymous said...

TV update:
Lost is still too far away. I tried to set up a series recording with the DVR and it wouldn't go that far in advance.

24 - i caught up last night, but don't think i'm going to watch any more. So far this season seems to be trying to justify every reactionary phobia America has right now. Also, I have to hope that law enforcement is atleast slightly more capable than the CTU.

Battlestar Galactica - i'm losing interest in the mythology for this show at this point, but i love the characters. I could almost imagine the show being just as good if it was about the crew of an aircraft carrier without all of the sci-fi elements.

Carnivale - i'm nearly done with Season 2 but Netflix is jerking me around on the last 2 discs. i need to hold out judgement until after the end, but so far it's pretty great. They handle magic/paranormal events really well, like Lost in a lot of respects.

Deadwood - Going to plow through season 3 this week. This is another show with a nebulous story arc but awesome characters.

Heroes - still don't like.

i've got tomorrow off from work, so i'm going to exercise my god given rights to those playing hookie and watch The Price Is Right.


Mike Campbell said...

can someone explain to me how Letters is up for best Original Screenplay but its baised on something. I don't get it!@

aimee in little rock said...

I can't believe Andrew doesn't like Heroes. I thought you were my friend. I don't even know you anymore.

Cute little Japanese guys? Indestructible cheerleader? Heroin addict? FLYING MEN?

What's not to like?

stephsmith said...

I have an idea for a new discussion question but don't have time to answer. Everyone seems to have a different take on the first 6 episodes this season. I guess you know I'm talking Lost now. What do you get from them? I have to go to boring computer class now and sit in front of my boss and be demeaned that I answer to such a dipshit.