Sunday, January 07, 2007

Girls Rule Part Deux


Aimee & Kim discuss their latest findings from ABC's LOST, and discuss other fascinating topics like Foxxy on Tour, The Golden Globes, Heroes + Peter Petrelli, The "Others", and much more. (Can you tell we're running thin on LOST topics?) Only 30 days to go!!!!

Enjoy Responsibly.

The feed:
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Happy New Year!!


t-dot Kim said...

Actually, 31 days to go...but who's counting?



aimee in little rock said...

Today doesn't count as a day, and weekends don't count, plus days that Heroes and the Office are on don't count either. So basically, there's like 5 days left.

I'm listening to it right now, and it sounds great! Well done Kim!

aimee in little rock said...


Here are the finalists:

1. Two Random Girls Talking About Stuff (TRIGTAS)
2. SS Lostgina
3. The Swan Snatch
4. Muthas of all SaS
5. Mama SaS
6. Not Another Lost Podcast (NALP)

Wesh said...

w000t new Lost Initiative sweet goodness! yum! *Downloads greedily*
Hurry before there's nothing left on the internets!

Hmm tough choice...
I'll go with number 3: The Swan Snatch! (TSS? The SwaSna? :))

btw fyi: the "I" in TRIGTAS, doesnt seem correct...

greetz and thx for the podcast!

aimee in little rock said...

My bad; I typed that name phonetically; wasn't even paying attention.

Mike Campbell said...

i will side with #6.

Mike Campbell said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mike Campbell said...

Aimee - i can get you a finger with nail polish by 3 o'clock.

dang kim i could have invited you to New Hampshire for my new years party :)

Another great podcast ladies. Kim thnaks for the heads up about the EW podcast.

aimee in little rock said...

Was that Mike's not-so-subtle way of saying he wants to makeout with Kim?

Mike Campbell said...

no aimee that was me feeling bad for her. my not so subtle way is asking kim to come watch the sox beat the blue jays this spring :)

aimee in little rock said...

Okay, Mike, sure ;)

Mike Campbell said...

but serously kim, i have always wanted to go up to the T-Dot to see the Sox vs Blue Jays. I want to try to see every ballpark in America. So far i've been to two. I know i have a lot ahead of me but you gotta start somewhere. Well i have been to three, I used to go to Expos games all the time before the moved to washington. But it would be fun to go up to canada if i knew someone up there.

Has anyone seen Apocalypto? I saw it yesterday. Everyone said it was the most violent movie they had ever seen but i didn't think it was that bad. It bad a few rough scenes. It dragged on a little long but it wasn't horible.

We should each come up with a list of favorite things for 2006. Entertainment Weekly just did theirs. They said Michael Emmerson was one of the breakout performances.

Anonymous said...

I think secretly Mike does want to make out with Kim! (Incidentally, i think make out is much better than the rather coarse 'get off with' that the English have made up. Used as in, "Kim got off with Mike". Or "Tim got off with Evangeline".

Anonymous said...

How's this Kim? Kim's Liquid Courage

Anonymous said...

Sorry - fuckt that one up, try this one: Kim's Liquid Courage

stephsmith said...

I like 6 best however I think the title needs Sas in it. So no 5 is good too. Or 4. So, basically I have no vote.

aimee in little rock said...

Awesome picture, Tim. We need to figure out a way to manufacture that shit. I'd never have the guts to sneak into a VIP section, so I'd need to down a few bottles of that. I don't know if I'd have the guts to flash a celebrity, but I have done it to non-famous people. Like pedestrians and busboys.

I really don't like #4, so I'd probably veto that one. I like #6, but Steph is right; it needs some SaS...any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Aimee, there's a picture of you on your myspace that i could photoshop so you are always flashing? I'm kidding, didn't mean to be a perv.

Personally, SS Lostgina is the funniest. But Mama SaS is the cutest.

Wesh said...

Good morning.
Listened to the show last night. Good stuff, loved it :) Really laughed out loud at several points :D

I think Matthew Fox looked pretty cool in that fedora though.
Here he is at Toronto's Queen Street studios to promote We Are Marshall.

Wesh said...

btw, this is for avid 24 fans:
*whispers*there seem to have been a leak of the 1st 4 eps of season 6!

aimee in little rock said...

Thanks for the offer Tim, but Brian probably wouldn't like it too much.

Anytime I see a man in a fedora, regardless of his hotness, I immediately associate him with K-Fed and/or Justin Timberlake, and I lose respect for the person.

t-dot Kim said...

No votes for "The Swan Snatch"! Dudes! Oh man, "TRGTAS"...Any takers? LOL... I guess the people have spoken

Thanks Wesh for posting the photo, that's when Foxxy was at Much Music (See what I mean about the hat?)


PS> Jays Rules

wally said...

i vote "mama sas"...swan snatch is amazing, but a bit of a tongue twister (just try saying it five times fast)

aimee in little rock said...

Kim does all the work, so I'm going to let her have the final say. (That's my way of not having to make a decision on something that should NOT be this difficult, yet we're making it so).

I just saw the most disturbing thing on television. Three fat chicks pole dancing on Jerry Springer. It's so jiggly.

Ralph- said...

G.L.O.W. - The Gorgeous Ladies Of Webcasting.

Mike Campbell said...

Wesh if thats true that amazing. Fuck waiting less then a week. I need them now!

Also i don't want to make out with kim i sware. I don't want to scare kim. Even though she is confuised about the Jays ruling. Thats a little silly.

Anonymous said...

i'm a little biased, but i like 'the swan snatch' because it's incredibly crude and, yet, oddly elegant and classy.
i also like G.L.O.W. because it was such a bizarre name for the ladies of wrestling in the 1st place.
i forgot my USB cable at home so i'm going to be behind on my podcasts for a few days, but i'm really looking forward to it.
any luck on getting the Dharmalars episode on a regular feed?

PalmerEldritch said...

Kim, you didn't like my horrible name suggestions!? Don't worry. Neither did I. They were atrocious by design. And yes, folks, I spelled atrocious without Googling it.

I'm still pulling for Steph(?)'s "Girly SAS" suggestion but I'll weigh in on the ones we can actually vote on.

SS Lostgina and SwanSnatch are pretty hilarious but I'd rather not think of Aimee and Kim and think of "Lostginas." It's nothing personal; I'd rather not think of Ben and Ralph as the Penis Brigade or the Testicle Twins either.

At least not without dinner and a movie first.

So... I'll be voting for TRGTAS. Although, TRGSAS might be even better. "Two Random Girls: Scott and Steve" where you refer to each other as Scott and Steve like in the old days with Craig and Dylan.

stephsmith said...

I'm still thinking.

Wesh said...

Mike check your mail. It's the truth ^__-

Also, i wouldn't mind making out with Kim :) All in good fun right?
I'll burn my collection of fedoras if i have too!

wesh do not own one single fedora or anything that remotely loox like it. It's a lie.

stephsmith said...

Kimberley, you should take "exotic" as a compliment. It means you don't have an ordinary look. That's a good thing.

Wesh said...

The SAStastic 2/Duo/Crew/? t.rock? (t-dot+little rock)
Digital Sassytidude?

i got nothing. :( :p
Swan Snatch ftw! whatever yall choose is cool though.

T-dot Kim said... we have more names than ever!!! Were were these suggestions 3weeks ago!?!?!!?

T-Rock. Nice!

T-dot Kim said...

PS> Fedoras are cool, just not the way Foxxy wore it :(

aimee in little rock said...

You-know-who (the ex-Mr. Britney Spears) put the "Fed" in fedora, and ruined them for me.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

more titles to clutter the field.
Swimming With The Joannas
Downtown w/SaS
(sorry in advance) The Lack-cocks Podcast


PalmerEldritch said...

What kind of name are you looking for?

An obscure or not so obscure LOST reference? Or a play on one? Like a book title, an object name, or lyrics to a song that the played? Examples: Make Your Own Kind of Music, Dharmalars

A character name reference? Example: Scott and Steve

Some kind of name that's easily (or not so easily) abbreviated? Example: Two Random Girls Talking About Stuff (TRGTAS)

Something straight forward? Example: The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack

Just something catchy? Example: uh... something catchy?

Here's my literary reference suggestion to avid Lost referenced book reader, Aimee: The Sisters Karamazov. :p

Anonymous said...

The future? TRGTAS T-shirt?

Anonymous said...

Guess who's bored at work today? New year does not mean new enthusiasm...

Scott and Steve said...

I kind of like Two Randomn Girls: Scott and Steve. It's kooky.

I don't think you really need "SaS" in the title. You're trying to establish your own brand, you know. Frasier didn't call itself "Frasier, the Dude from Cheers."

As far as establishing that 1.)The show is about Lost, 2.) it's ladies night, and 3.) it's going to be a vulgar affair, I think you can't go wrong with The Swan Snatch.

I also think you should consider the idea of making the title a reference to a Lost book. Though, I can't say I'm crazy about Sisters Karamazov.

And the "S.S. Lostgina" wasn't meant to be a suggestion for the title, just my nickname for the show. Regardless of what you call it, I'm calling it the S.S. Lostgina.

Seaman Stiff Upper Lip

stephsmith said...

**job update**
I had computer classes with the Information Systems Dept yesterday and from the info I got from them, there is a position available that I'm qualified for. The company will provide training. So, good news. The only drawback- I have to work Monday through Friday. I have never worked a 40 hour week in my entire life.

stephsmith said...

I don't see anything wrong with paying homage to your favorite podcast. Hell, Lindeluce do it all the time. But what they do looks more to me like ripping off other folk's ideas.

aimee in little rock said...

Literary Referenced Titles:

Bad Twins
Watership Downtown
Are You There God, It's Me, SaS?
The Turn of the Shrews
The Third Policewomen
Our Mutual Friends

There are 52 other titles you could attempt to spin, but these are some of the most well known.

Datty Mike said...

I like No.5

The incredible sisters of SAS (TIS of SAS??).

Mike Campbell said...

i like are you there god, its me sas. I don't think you need a title. Titles are over rated. You will start the new trend in everything. Fuck titles man those sassy chicks don't need one i don't either!

aimee in little rock said...

I think by incorporating everyone's feedback into the decision process, we're making the name-game much more difficult than it should be. I thought it would be fun to be interactive about it, but now it's just getting way too complicated.

I think Kim & I should record this week, and surprise everyone with our executive decision.

Wesh said...

Sounds solid.
Can't wait to here your veto :)

Wesh said...

Spelling Devil: *hear*

Wesh said...

We heard which podcasts Aimee and kim listen to; now i'm curious to what the rest of us listens to next to the Lost Initiative's podcasts.

Here's my list (not in any particular order):
° The Lost Podcast with Jay&Jack: about lost
° Jay&Jack's RambleCast: about pop culture and random stuff
° The LostChicks Podcast: about Lost (more relation and 'ships based)
° Distorted View: about "The Distorted View Show - Uncensored news of the weird everyday! It's audio pornography: The Distorted View Show! Not suitable for those under 18 years of age" (copied from the website's title :)
° The Dawn and Drew Show: about pop culture and random stuff.
° The PK and J Show: pop culture and random stuff
° Nobody Likes Onions: about "It’s a talk show, a comedy show, a show about life, and an online culture." ripped from the About on the site.

Mike Campbell said...

I listen to Filmspotting. Its not great but its good to listen to on long trips. I am a sucker for anything with a count down.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Aimee and Kimberley. It was nice to hear from you again.

stephsmith said...

Filmspotting not good? Mike, are you on drugs? I look forward to Wednesdays for my filmspotting fix. Here's my others.
60 Second Science, Art History in Just a Minute, BSG podcast, BBC Newspod, Coverville, Jay and Jack of course, NPR Sunday Puzzle, SceneUnseen, Slice of Scifi, TV Guide Talk, Watching the Directors and many more.
Aimee, I can't wait to hear what you two decide.

stephsmith said...

Here's your Bai Ling.

Ralph- said...

geekscape, film score monthly and are my only other podcasts that i listen too.

Anonymous said...

Following wesh's lead, in no particular order:
Mark Kermode's Film reviews;
Adam and Joe (recommend that in particular, i know Dylan would love that podcast, irreverence is his watch-word);
LOSTCasts (although, they've not been outputting for sometime now, can't think why).

And that's about it. Don't listen to anything else regularly.

Anonymous said...

Can i recommend this?
Fat woman, hole.

aimee in little rock said...

How is SceneUnseen? I'd heard about that one, but haven't actually listened to it. It reminded me of the SaS joke from a while back.

Anonymous said...

Aimee and T-Dot Kim...
nice episode. keep it up.

I vote for Mama's cute and makes sense for this feed.

...but I think you should use your executive power and pick what you like.

Other Podcasts I like (not Lost Initiative):
Lost Podcast w/ Jay & Jack
Jay and Jacks Ramblecast
The Official Lost Podcast (Carlton & Damon)
Cranky Fanatic
Delta Park Gets Lost
10th Wonder (Heroes Podcast)
The 9th (Heroes Podcast)

Hey Aimee...did you steal your podcast signoff from Craig? are you paying royalties for that :)


t-dot kim said...


I watched that woman fall down the hole about 15x in a row...never gets old. I have an odd sense of humour. I know if that happened to me, I'd probably crush a few bones in my body--it would have hurt at the time, but I'd be laughing about it later if it were caught on video!

(I hope she wasn't badly hurt)

Wesh said...

lol same here! There another one of similar kinda humour where some women is crushing grapes to make whine and then she tries to get out of that bucket but she trips and falls and the painfull sound she then makes is both hilarious and painfull. ouch! or better yet "ow oow ow oooow ow stop ooow!"

"I think she's actually hurt."

Scott and Steve said...

Thank you, Jelly Manos Hands of Fate, for the personalized best of podcasts list. I will take your advice. Frankly, I'm ashamed of the rest of you for not gearing your opinions toward my enjoyment. You'd better pray on that.

Speaking of shame, it occurred to me that it's a little thoughtless of Aimee to address Internetica in her sign-off. I named Internetica after America because I was podcasting in America. You on the other hand are essentially a VOIP (voice over internet protocol) guest on a show podcast from Canada (the world's number one exporter of dirt). You should tell North Internetica to stay classy, but only after you issue an apology to the world.

Favorite Podcasts:
This American Life is consistently excellent and thank Jeff it's finally a podcast. I recommend the most recent episode (323: The Super). The first story is an amazing tale featuring a Brazillian man who tells wild stories much like a certain character Craig and I have met whose name rhymes with "TwoBone". But there's a twist in the end you won't want to miss.

NPR Shuffle I listen to but mostly ignore.

IndieFeed: a daily song. There are several different podcasts for different genres. I've been underimpressed overall with the music they pick, but some tunes have been pretty good. Steer well clear of the Hip-Hop feed.

Rocketboom: A video podcast. It's an alternative news feature hosted by a charming English gal named Something.

ReFrederator: A classic cartoon every day. Some of them blow like a typhoon, but a lot of them are excellent and really funny. You can count on Betty Boop, Looney Toons, Superman and Popeye to be great nearly every time.

The Best Show on WFMU: This is actually the podcast I look forward to most each week. It's a call-in show that's on in New Jersey. Many of the callers are real, but a few of the calls each night are made by the drummer from Superchunk playing different characters. This gives the host, Tom Scharpling, the opportunity to do some rehearsed comedy during the course of the show, which is usually hilarious and generates discussion from the other callers. He also does some celebrity interviews, which can be great too. On the last episode he talked to comedian Paul Thompkins. They got into a discussion about Harvey Pekar which had me struggling for breath.

MYOKOMw/SaS: I listen alone in the dark and remember the good times.

Seaman Swell!

Wesh said...

Nice collection. Though "The Best Show on WFMU" sounds the most interesting in my earholes. I'll look that one up and give it a swingeroo! (what? where the hell did that come from?)


Anonymous said...

Whoa whoa whoa... guys... The Lost Initative as a name is already taken by the Official UK Lost Podcast

I think you should consider a rename, considering Sky One paid $39.25 Million for Season 3 and 4 of Lost... They kind of take precident!!

Jay said...

Actually Scott and Steve had it first, so they are entitled to it.