Monday, March 02, 2009

TLI: The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

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Aimee and Kimberley are back with another riveting edition of TLI. This week we discuss "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham", the Locke-centric episode, sorta (?)

TLI welcomes a new member to the crew :) Also check out MB's spoilers with Mac. Thanks for listening

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t-dot kim said...

The Playlist for my peeps:

Jeremy - Pearl Jam
My Life Would Suck Without You - Kelly Clarkson
Welcome to My Life - Simple Plan
Hard Knock Life - Jay-Z
Death Wish - Jada Kiss feat. Lil' Wayne
Creeping Death - Metallica
Like Suicide - Seether
Death - White Lies
I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab For Cutie
Live Your Life - TI feat. Rihanna
Life After Death - Sixx AM

mb said...

Woot! Can't wait to listen, but I must. Can't load onto iPod at work :( dammit

Spoilers may arrive tomorrow - or they may be here Wednesday morning. Sorry for the tardiness everyone - maybe I can train my kids to do spoiler research some day ;)

Herlihy said...

YAY TLI! Thank you kim! Thank you aimee!

Also, Seether? Really?

/music snob.

Stephanie said...

Well look what we've got here.

Alirio said...


Swing la bacaisse dans le fond de la boîte à bois!

memphish said...

TLI for my Tuesday morning!


Anonymous said...

It's Jadakiss, not Jada Kiss!

Great show.

Anonymous said...

/ kim, did you get that track off hotnewhiphop?

Herlihy said...

i just got an email from twitter saying that TheOthersUK is following me on twitter.

I have a look and see that it's some really lame indie band and not something to do with the Linus-contingent. How disappointing.

The Dharmalars said...

Last Show is Up. Look for a "best of" show in about 3 weeks.


PalmerEldritch said...

bittersweet, ralph-. downloading now.

Ralph- said...

sorry dudes and ladies. always look to the future. if craig could return with Ryan A Howard and Ryan and Jenn come back, who knows what will come of the dharmalars.

mb said...

Indeed Ralph - hope springs eternal :)

Thanks for giving us a nice big backlog to listen to! Perfect off-season listening!

JoeSC said...

Excellent podcast ladies!!!

Aimee, that may have been your best episode analysis ever. Kudos!

Ralph- said...

I Like Sportz

Herlihy said...

...What's betting that seeing as Aimee requested naked photos for the next podcast that Kyle from Kentucky sends some to entice Aimee?

Also, great podcast ladies. One of my favourites. I was literally laughing all the way through Kyle's phonecall. :')

Terry_O_Locke said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mr. Bill said...

Great Show Ladies!

Kyle, Hilarious!!!


I wish he would share how he really feels for once.

Chris JC said...

"Backlog" sounds like a euphemism.

Rrb said...

Big props on pulling Jeremy for the opening Kim:)It fit write in with poor John "Daddy didnt give attention
Oh, to the fact that mommy didnt care"

memphish said...

Kyle is killing me. Bring on the Kyle and Chili Biscuit show.


PalmerEldritch said...

blargh. ipod didnt sync correctly. rat bastards!

Ralph- said...

"Punch you in the jeans!"

mb said...

For anyone who's interested - I actually posted a few things over at the SPLOG this week.

Sorry I haven't been very good about posting spoilers there.

mb said...

Kim and Aimee - you were talking about why Locke needed to die.
I thought that one of the main reasons was simply because they all needed to replicate the conditions of 815 - and so they needed a corpse.
It doesn't explain though why he didn't flash with the other 815ers.

Chris JC said...

I've got a copy of the Kyle in Kentucky Style Guide here, and cross referencing against stuff I like, apparently I'm a "queer virgin".

This will come as terrible news to my wife.

PalmerEldritch said...

UGO takes a look at LOST music

mb said...

s l o w d a y

Terry_O_Locke said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TLI girl said...

Terry O Locke...are YOU Kyle from Kentucky?

Mr. Bill said...

I've got to say, I do enjoy Jay and Jack.

For me it breaks down this way:

J&J are like drinking Coke
The Lars and the Ladies are like Coke with 2 shots of Whiskey.

Everyone doesn't drink...I do.

Herlihy said...

Terry O' Locke must be Kyle from KY, his profile says he's 6" and 193lbs!

coincidence? I THINK NOT.

lauren_g34 said...

Excellent analogy, Mr. Bill. I feel sorta the same way. Although I never get a hangover with TLI. I never in my life thought I would find other girls that would talk about jizz and stuff like it as much as I do. But I still loved Kyle's rant. I listened to it a few times over. May listen to it again. People driving next to me probably thought I was crazy, I was laughing so hard.

lauren_g34 said...

You know, I wondered if Terry O Locke was Kyle too! And I'm not just jumping on the bandwagon, I promise.

andrew. said...

- this work thang is bullshit. work man? What is this? WORK MAN?

- New LOST tomorrow. i predict:
* Jin speaks mad english now.
* Vincent is seen, romping about the Dharma camp, playing with the kids
* Rose & Bernard are seen, fitting into Dharma quite nicely. Rose is happy to have something to do.
* we see young Ben
* Sun & Lapidus hit the main island and search the abandoned Othersville for clues to the Losties whereabouts, and find evidence of the 815ers in the Dharma era [weird trombone slide to commercial].
* Ilana starts freaking out about the fact that her prisoner, Sayid, is missing
* Daniel & Sawyer have a conversation that goes something like:
Faraday: "Oh"
Saywer: "'Oh' what?' Bill Nye The Science Guy? 'Oh' everything is hunky-dory or 'Oh' we're all going to die from bloody noses?!?"
Faraday: "'s just...ah, I think I know when we are now...yes...Oh."
Sawyer: "If you say 'Oh' again, I'm going to tighten your tie FOR YOU!"
Juliet: "James! You're not helping!"
* episode ends on Richard Alpert, seeing Ben: "What have you done John? You've doomed us all. He wasn't supposed to come back!"

- The Official Podcast made it pretty clear that LaFleur was a person. Who do we think s/he is?

James said...

I enjoyed the podcast, ladies. Thanks a lot :)

Terry_O_Locke said...

Well I completely lied about my weight and I'm not even close to 6'. And just because I am not the biggest Jay and Jack fan and I think dude is hilarious doesn't make me kyle.

Alirio said...

Guy LaFleur, of course!!!



News report on Guy's 1979 Disco Album

JoeSC said...

"Rose & Bernard are seen, fitting into Dharma quite nicely. Rose is happy to have something to do."

The first thing she does is seek out baby Miles and tells him to stay the hell away from her peanuts when he grows up! That's why she got so pissed at him... she already warned him once

Holder said...

LaFleur=Charlotte's dad.

Stephanie said...

School is getting in the way of me being an uber-TLI fan.

t-dot kim said...


/42, biatches

Jordan from the 206 said...

Kyle O'Locke's call was humorous, I guess. Bit overrated in my book. But the part about the other Lost podcasts was pretty good. lol @ "more Jay and Jack fans". Nothing against J&J at all. But their average fan...

PalmerEldritch said...

what? you didn't enjoy him talking about how he was 6'4 and full of muscles?

my current theory is that he's a man in Brussels.

mb said...'re saying you think Kyle likes handing out Vegemite sandwiches?

mb said...

wow - for anyone not into 80s pop, those last two posts will sound bizarre.

Mr. Bill said...

Elephants and acrobats,
Lions next monkey
Pele speaks righteous
Sister Seena says funky

How bizarre
How bizarre
How bizarre


Chris JC said...

I was just getting the hang of the Australian pop turn that the thread had taken and Mr. Bill pulls out some New Zealand action.

It's been suggested that Johnny Ghostwatch call in to take on Kyle but my worry is that you'll end up with a regular thirty minutes of the podcast full of self indulgent waffle that'll bore regular listeners to tears.

La Fleur is a person, and if there is more about DHARMA security guys like Jin then it'll probably be someone in charge (ie, lame La Fours gag).

Kim, can we have the plural form "Les Fleurs" by Minnie Riperton on the next playlist, please?

Herlihy said...

Yeah, but, Ghostwatch doesn't call in that regularly... he has to be requested and stuff. Whereas Kyle from Kentucky just does it regularly once a week (twss).

Unless you feel like you're too scared of the challenge?

Holder said...

So...there was this listener phonecall on The Transmission. The guy theorized that the Losties tell Ben stuff about his future and that's why he does some of the things he does when he grows up. So I'm thinking the Losties tell him he has a daughter and maybe that somehow has something to do with ben saying Widmore changed the rules, or maybe that is why he's obsessed with the pregnancy issues on the island. I dunno. Its 4:15am.

On another note, there was a prisoner being transported from Florida to Tennessee who (when the cop stopped at Waffle House) escaped police custody and his handcuffs who ran onto my college campus and caused a 'lockdown' for a few hours. I thought of Lost.

Mr. Bill said...

Wait! What?

Ghostwatch is not constrained by the same time line that we here at the blogspot understand...

What if...What if... the Kablamo?

Chris JC said...

I'll put it to the Ghostwatch Corporation.

For the moment, young British teenagers who want to see Watchmen?


Herlihy said...

It was passed ‘18’ for strong bloody violence.

Okay, it's violent, but there's no need to swear about it...


Chris JC said...

Like it!

Chris JC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chris JC said...

Prediction for tonight's episode opening.

As previously seen, Jin pulls up in Dharma van and points gun at the Oceanic 3:

JIN: (lowering gun) My word, this is a rum do and no mistake, me old beauty. I certainly for one never thought that I would see any of you chaps again, especially after the dashed inconvenience of non-linear time jumping. My real concern is how I'm going to explain this to my new employers. You will of course know them as the DHARMA Initiative which I'm sure you'll agree is quite the unusual turn of events, guvnor.

JACK: What about The Others?

JIN: Uuthrrrs?

(only the Gmail folks will know how bad I screwed up the first time. that's er, everyone right?)

PalmerEldritch said...

gmail folks?

new thread!

gtgrl22 said...

Kyle from KY went too far with his comment. You dont rip on other podcasts like that. That was harsh. I'm surprised Kim and Amy didnt say something to stand up for their fellow podcasters. I've always been a big fan of Jay and Jack and Ryan and Jen. Personally I never became a big fan of the Dharmalars and I wont miss them a bit. Maybe you guys just lost a fan too.

t-dot kim said...


Apparently, Kyle from KY call has ruffled a few of your feathers! I can assure you it's not what it comes off as. As a matter of fact, I personally contacted J&J BEFORE I uploaded the episode. I would NEVER post anything like that without permission.

We all had a sense of humour about it...obviously you didn't

Chris JC said...

The guys from Lost Unlocked would probably agree that they are nerds with too much spare time.

t-dot kim said...

I will address the issue in the next podcast.

Chris JC said...

For the record, I liked Kyle's call and enjoyed the smack talk. Earlier in the thread I made comment that if Ghostwatch were to return to take him on, that I foresaw (a few weeks down the line) it turning into a self congratulatory duel that everyone would find tedious. I think I'd enjoy him better left to his own devices rather than having to "answer" to someone. At least he talks about LOST which Ghostwatch very rarely did.

Holder said...

You know how Widmore told Locke that if Locke wasn't on the island when the war happened, the "wrong side" would win? Maybe Widmore thinks Locke isn't suppose to lead the side who WINS the war, but that he is supposed to lead the side who LOSES the war. I'm sure Jack would love this theory.

Anonymous said...

Kim and Amy,
I love ur podcast and Kyle's latest rant was so funny. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

ChrisJC should be hired by the Lost writers to do Jin's dialogue for the remainder of the series.

As I was deliberating whether Charles Widmore (CW) has indeed done anything evil, the Desmond/CW/Hawkins connection came to mind.

How do they know stuff about Desmond's future? Every idea I come up with doesn't hold up.

Desmond had no interaction with Hawkins, that he knew of, between the 2 times he met with her.

Desmond's feeling toward CW pre and post island are pretty much the same. This suggests that he did NOT run in to Widmore on the island, so far.

Most frustrating of all, I still have no idea how Hawkins knew the red Chucks guy was going to die.

I am really hoping she does not have super powers.

The Dharmalars said...

gtgrl22 probably LOVES Generally Speaking