Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Season 4 predictions?

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elias said...

Aaron cries, Sayid dies.

stephsmith said...

I just hope the show is strong right out of the gate for a change. I'm tired of waiting around weeks and weeks for old mo to get going.

PalmerEldritch said...

there will be an awkward pause and a "i hadn't considered that" when FutureKate tells FutureJack to shut up and use his flying car to get back to the Island.

/in the future!!!

PalmerEldritch said...

from the last thread:

"Who the fuck is this? said...

Palmer, that kilt joke has to be the worst joke in the history of this blogspot. Mind you all the lame jokes from Ben."

yeah, i know. but i couldn't stop myself. and, unfortunately, neither could anyone else.

FutureAlly said...

a joke is a joke, lame or not. and it should be taken as such, a joke.

memphish said...

From the last thread, Michael in the coffin could never be the lamest thing ever because Jack's tattoos will always have that honor.

As for S4,

I predict people will whine when the first Flash (be it back or forward) turns out to be Jack for the millionth time.

Hurley will at some point call someone "Dude."

Sawyer and Kate will not have sex anymore because Kate will be puking up her pregnant guts.

Claire and Aaron will fall into the hands of the evil ship people after flying there on a helicopter as predicted by Desmond.

There will be tears spilt over Charlie's sacrifice to which internet folks will ask "why, why couldn't it have been Jack?"

Sayid will find a way to lose another boat.

Every time Michael has a line it will include either "Walt," "my son" or "my boy" resulting in everyone who watches the show being too drunk from downing shots when this happens to remember anything else that happens.

Ralph, and only Ralph, will miss Paolo and Nikki.


Ralph- said...

Michael Shows up on "Not Penny's" boat and we find out that there is NO rescue party on its way. Naomi is part of Dharma, and is going to try to keep everyone there as not to expose to the rest of the world what is really going on on the island. Maybe she is not Dharma, but part of Widmore or Hanso, who felt betrayed by dharma. Naomi had that pic of Desmond and Penny for a reason, and i think it was to ensure that desmond does not escape, which is why he could not leave the island.

it is too early for me to think about lost. i am trying to forget about it until Feb, but the last few weeks i have been having major withdrawls, it really does suck ass!!! but at least we will get that dvd of season 3 in......FOUR MONTHS?! jesus, there really is no end in sight. then we will have 16 weeks, then do it all over again.

memphish said...


When are we getting some 'Lars? I'm enjoying my SAS, but I'd like some 'Lars, and TLI, and Lost Score. It's amazing how good Scott and Steve were at predicting things that might happen on the show.


MB said...

First of all - I am sorry for not giving a NSFW warning on my boobies pic - I acted with out thinking (as I'm so apt to do). I hope I didn't get anyone in trouble :O Sorry!

I think it's a strong possibility that the boat people are Hanso and/or Widmore (I've been assuming they are pretty closely related). I'd imagine that they've been trying to get back to that island for a long time.

FutureAlly said...

i didn't get in trouble, mb, but it did scare me. so is that what you get when you google boobies?

Ralph- said...

we record tonight, so either late tonight or tomorrow morning.

Jimmy said...

Firstly: I'd like to add that the boobs didn't scare me in the least :) But I will be haunted by them for at least a day or two, I think.

Secondly: Ralph will not be the only one missing Nikki and Paulo :)

Thirdly: I'm with Ralph...I'm having serious Lost withdrawel. I'd love to get a new Lost Score out...or anything out. Soon I hope.

Ralph- said...

jimmy, we really need to coordinate a Giacchino interview

MB said...

Ally - actually you get a lot fewer pics of actual boobs when you google "boobies". This is partially due to the fact (previously unbeknownst to me) that there is apparently a bird called the "boobie", of which there seem to be multiple varieties - lol

Who knew that a cock wasn't the only dirty (sounding) bird

MB said...

Jimmy - how about another Flashback. I've been on the edge of my seat for over a month! ;)

gillian said...

Smoke Monster = Horcrux

Strange Occurances = Harry & co fighting it out


Oh, season 4...I can't bring myself to get excited about it yet, because we have to wait until January, which will potentially make my marks suffer, and eliminate all hopes at a social life.

Then again, this is January we're talking about.

memphish said...

I've managed to get 3 new people hooked on LOST over this hiatus. They're still on S1, so they need from now until Feb. to catch up.

They start shooting in a couple of weeks, right? We'll have to work hard to avoid spoilers once that starts.


Mike Campbell said...

crazy shit will happen and our minds will be blown!

capcom said...

Memphish, you kill me, as always! :o)