Tuesday, July 03, 2007

TLI: Summer Casts 01

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Aimee & Kimberley of The Lost Initiative discuss what they've been up to so far this summer, movies they've seen, Netflix vs. Blockbuster, Lost-Culture News, and topless photos on the internet---what??!?


Enjoy Responsibly!!!

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goofball said...

first hahahahahahahahaha

goofball said...

hey you didn't alk about lost in this podcast :)

t-dot kim said...

Here you go Steph!! I was finished editing by the time I said I would be...Switchpod (our host) wasn't :( It took over an hour to upload!!! Buggers...

Anyway, here it FINALLY is!

Cruel Summer - Bananarama
Umbrella - Rihanna
Summer Love - Justin Timberlake
Paralized - Finger Eleven
Summer of 69 - Bryan Adams
Give It To Me - Nelly Furtado, Timaland, JT
Party Like A Rockstar - Shop Boyz
The Way I Are - Timbaland
I'll Stand By You - Carrie Underwood (can't get this song out of my head)
Cupid's Chokehold - Gym Class Heroes
Don't Stop Believing - Journey (also, can't get this song out of my head!!!)


Yes, I lost a bet to the 206.

trevor mcfur said...

Woohoo, nothing beats a little bit of late night TLI!

PalmerEldritch said...

so, now we have to speculate on what the bet was.

my guess?

kim could not eat more lightbulbs in five minutes than jordan could.

time for some TLI!

PalmerEldritch said...

ooooooh! kim's radio voice.

or what i've termed her radio voice anyhow.

t-dot kim said...

P, that is my voice... I don't think I put it on, but I guess I do sometimes.

Over the weekend Jays vs. Mariners, the Boo Birds lost--terribly. Ugh *hides face in hands*

stephsmith said...

Kimberley, I didn't mean to rush you. It's just that there's nothing on tv tonight that strikes my fancy.

PalmerEldritch said...

don't worry, the radio voice is a good thing. it's the way you talked in your ol' Lost Diary. just real crisp and professional sounding. and purty. ;)

ironically, when you're on the radio you have to race through the cheesy adverts at the end of your traffic reports. so, no radio voice on the radio. :(

goofball said...

Great lost culture update.

I laughed out loud when Aimee mentioned Paris Hilton and Kimberley says "bitch" under her breath.

Michele Rodriguez is gay? And was dating the hottie from T3?

Triple A was not liked by the lost cast?

Charlie whining about being tossed off of the show?

I didn't know any of this stuff. Thanks ladies. It was fun.

Jordan from the 206 said...

I posted in the last thread after it was already dead (whoops), Kim lost a bet to me when her beloved Blue Jays came to Seattle and got their butts swept. Thus her using the M's logo. But she is using a lame one. Kim, you need to use the one I sent ya. No trying to minimalize it. lol.

PS - Can't wait to listen to my 2 favorite podcasting females. Thanks ladies!

Ralph- said...

The Lars will be up any minute now. i may wait until the morning to post here, as not to take away from this thread.


casey_donahue said...

okay so my opinon on transformers is:

a). the scenes with transformers in them were great
b). all the scenes with people interacting were terrible, michael bay does NOT know how to direct people, there was not enough character development of anybody for me to care about them and he has no idea what kids are like today (in sam's room there was a chalkboard with ramp plans that said "plans to build my half pipe" no wonder the other kids didnt like him because nobody has things that lame or generic in their rooms) plus they only say the girl michaela's name like twice in the whole film, i only remember it because its my ex's name.

I was dissapointed that barricade wasnt in it that much and they spent no time with the transformers getting to know them, optimus prime introduces them to shia lebouf and then after that its a bit confusing at which one you are looking at blow things up, the decepticons had to call their names out to themselves so the audiance knew who they were which turned out to be unnecessary because, like the autobots, you cant tell which robot is which

i thought it was lack luster, and am dissapointed because i love the transformers, im looking at my optimus prime action figure right now actually. The action scenes were great but a movie cant be built on action scenes alone

casey_donahue said...

also, the J.J. Abrams teaser was really cool, i think the idea of it being shot entirely from home video perspectives is a great idea, i am really looking forward to that

Ralph- said...


Ralph- said...


Ralph- said...

the episode is up on our blog, but for some reason it is not running on itunes. i will check first thing in the morning, but if you wanna listen, you can go to the dharmalars blogspot.

have a safe 4TH!

t-dot kim said...

Casey... I'd have to agree with your post, but nonetheless, still highly entertained with Transformers.

I think I need to see it again, for all the parts I missed--still 100x better than Armageddon

memphish said...
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memphish said...

Kim's Mariner's logo is shrinking. Did she wash it in hot water?

Looking forward to the podcast from both TLI and The 'Lars.

And Happy 4th of July for those in the U.S. Happy non-LOST Wednesday for the rest, though I guess it's the 4th of July in your countries as well, it's just not a holiday.


t-dot kim said...


Thanks for selling me out!

andrew. said...

Yay, TLI & Dharmalars.
truly, today is a great day for our freedumbs.

looks like the t-dot kim personality has the Aimee In Little Rock personality locked in a closet right now. =)

stephsmith said...

Looks like Cloverfieldis written by Drew Goddard. But who's directing?

I read a review that said Transformers is just one big Chevy commercial.

PalmerEldritch said...

right on, ralph. thanks for getting in some quality kablamos on the 15th and 16th posts. i was afraid we'd have a Lars thread before 42.

steph, you had that 23rd post. which means you're entitled to a kablamo.

Jordan from the 206 said...

That Kim in T-Dot......shady character.

Jordan from the 206 said...

Note to blogspot. If you ever make a bet with Kimberley, be sure to be specify size and orientation. lol.

stephsmith said...

Yay me. Kablamo.

Is this a wedding ring?

memphish said...

Steph, If it is Dominic's cheap.


casey_donahue said...

kim, transformers was still way better then armageddon

and the movie is entertaining, I was just hoping for more of a dramatic feel to the movie like the way it looked in the trailer then getting a campy summer blockbuster

memphish said...

Funny discussion about The Amazing Race. Back during the family show, my husband would crack himself up by thinking of me being on the race with my sister and 2 of my cousins. I agree with Aimee that you need a guy on your team. No 2 women teams have ever won despite the Beauty Queens best efforts. Hubby and I would do pretty well with most of it, but now we'd be the old married couple and I would totally come off looking like a bitch and people would think how could he put up with her.


Ralph- said...

Aimee in Anaheim has a nice ring to it!!

Casey, you have to realise that this movie is based on a Hasbro Toy Line therefor you cannot make this movie and alienate children. It cant get too dramatic but it also cant get too cute. I think that it is a good balance between adult and children entertainment. It is better than Fantastic 4, in which the movie totally caters to children while leaving us "kids at heart" sitting in our seats scratching our heads. My only gripe with the movie is that i would rather have more screen time with Shia's character Sam, than having to visit the pointless "Hacker" characters. Did those hackers even have a name? In the end all that the hackers had done was fix a computer to send out a signal. i am sure a repair man could have done that. I thought that SHia was fucking great and i could have gone with more of his interaction with Bumble Bee. I also could have used more of the Josh Dummel and Tyrese stuff. I hope that they come back for the sequel.

This is the first movie in a long time that literally turned me back into a 10 year old. I felt like i was a kid again and being a 30 year old that grew up in the 80s that is a big deal. Michael Bay transformed me! i know that sounded lame, but it is true. for 3 hours, i was a kid again!

Palmer, i think i have to post our episode over here now, i am heading out for the day and wont have time to post it until tomorrow.

should i post it now, or wait until tomorrow? its up to you guys.

memphish said...

I vote tomorrow. Give us something to look forward to.


PalmerEldritch said...

ah, just finished listening to the Lars. good stuff. helped me cope with having to clean the house. ok, one room in the house. but it was still traumatic.

check your itunes, folks.

i say post the new thread since we'll start talking about the Lars in here anyway. and we can stick around in this thread to bump it to 42 to oblige our Lost addiction.

happy fourth of july, everybody!

america's birthday. and it wants barbecue. a LOT of barbecue.

hell, we should turn the Statue of Liberty's flame into a grill and feed all of New York.

casey_donahue said...

ralph, I get what you're saying, and i think it did cater to both the adult and child crowd, but bay did do a terrible job with the scenes that didnt have transformers in them

like how we were getting glimpses at the soldiers backstories at the very beginning and those storylines never wrapped up, we left them off with the battle in the streets never knowing if josh dummel will see his wife and daughter again, or if guy with glasses would get to go to his red sox game

even if it is geared towards kids, you cant do stuff like that. thats careless filmmaking

stephsmith said...

I think all the whining about being offed from Dom and Triple A are just publicity stunts. They're out of a job and people are paying attention so why not say something controversial. I do belive the person who should have been offed before him would be Emilie/Claire.

Jordan from the 206 said...

Casey, Just my 2 cents. But I don't think that Transformers is the type of movie that you analyze plot/dialog at all. I know it's Michael Bay, but this is your prototypical summer blockbuster. Just sit back and enjoy the robot fun. And everything Ralph said about being "transformed" back into a 10 year old kid. That was exactly how I felt watching the movie. Critical/analytical Jordan decided to go home for the day. He's more into foreign films anyway.

JonJon said...

Hey its been a while, just finished listening to TLI, and it was a joy to hear your voices once again.

Jordan from the 206 said...

Oh I see now. It all comes back to the Red Sox with you north easterners. lol.

Seriously though. I can see what you're saying about that kind of stuff. But honestly it never even crept into my mind until you just now mentioning it. That is how little it mattered to me. The movie was about robots. ROBOTS! lol.

casey_donahue said...

i know i know its a summer blockbuster and I shouldnt analyze it like this but I love the transformers and wanted it to be a well rounded movie so bad, i think if spielberg directed it it would have been a 10x better all around flick

jurassic park, jaws, summer blockbusters and classics too

i thought the glasses soldier guy was a pretty bad stereotype by the way, unless he was from dorcester, I know none with such a thick accent like that

elias said...

Welcome back Jonjon.

Listened this morning on the commute and Kim & Aimee were on good form - Kim hating the Die Hard franchise "Oh My God...Oh My God" quietly in the background :) Good movie chat and lost news.

Aimee's 'View of the 15th & 16th' has got to be the all-time numbers appearance.

and Dom Monoghan should be thankful for his Hobbit Pension :)

Ralph- said...


Casey, the redhead dude with the glasses got stabbed and thrown accross the map by Scoponok. i think.


I am going to see it again in about an hour to see what really happened to everyone in the film.


Jordan from the 206 said...

I dunno Casey. Goofy accent, talking about the Red Sox all the time. That sounds like all the people I know from Boston. lol. JK.

Ralph- said...

i meant to say KABLAMO in the above post

Jordan from the 206 said...

Netflix kicks Blockbuster's ass. If you have never tried it, you don't know what you are talking about. Seriously. Forget the friends stuff, which is super cool. NF's selection is waaaaay better. And they now offer movies in an instant viewing format where you can watch them on your computer. It's in the formative stages, so you can only do it with some movies. But it's bad ass. And they just lowered their prices 2 or 3 dollars! So in your face lame Blockbuster people.

elias said...
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Arnulf said...

Hi girls. Thanks for the podcast. Really nice to hear your voices again. Keep it coming!!

You know, I was really not gonna see Transformers, but now I just have to. Damn you all!! :-)

aimee in little rock said...

I think everyone should email us photos of them not wearing their TLI shirts.

I was going to see Transformers today, but I'm paying for staying out late by spending my 4th of July with a migraine. Feeling better now though.

I just sold my wedding dress on eBay for $500; coincidentally the same price as an iPhone.