Sunday, December 31, 2006

LOST on Nintendo

Dharmalars: How To Create LOST Mii 2

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Anonymous said...

Ralph...those are friggin great. Love them. I want to get a Wii too.
Someone needs to do Benry...make him smaller, buggy eyes.

- SadAce

ryan said...

Benry! Very funny.

I didn't even think about Mr. Linus. Maybe I can spend forty-five minutes making one that doesn't look anything like him, and have Ralph come in and make him perfectly in about thirty seconds. Thanks, Ralph. Thralph.

Mike Campbell said...

I hosting my party now and i showed everyone the Lost Mii's and they got a standing Ovation. Even though i spelled that wrong people enjoyed them.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

Ralph- said...

Happy New Year back at ya'!
i tried to do Benry but failed miserably. by all means, go for it and send it to me if you can figure it out.

Casey D said...

i really would like to get a wii but everywhere i go sells out of them 10 minutes after they come in, how the hell do all these people know when wii's come in, this is absoludicrous

Wesh said...

cool stuphs ralph! :) Is there a rousseaux and alex in the pipeline? :) I think they've gotsome distinctive facial features too. And yeah definatly Benry :)

Happy New Year! Rock 2007 to shreds yall!


stephsmith said...

Casey, it may be different now after Christmas, but I knew somebody that knew somebody that knew a security guard. Otherwise, I could have spent the night at Target or Best Buy. I suggest calling stores. They should know how many to expect and when. I'm not sure if overnighting it is still necessary. Walmart is the least helpful.

stephsmith said...

I just watched BSG episode 2:4, Resistance. There is a scene that's VERY remenesent of the scene where Kate is forced to confess her "love" for Sawyer. I bet Lindeluse got the idea to use the word "clicks" from BSG also.

Mike Campbell said...

YAY i am finally no longer hung over from New Years. That was one to remember, if i remembered it.

Who has big plans for 2007

Anonymous said...

Gerald Ford day is not starting my 2007 off right. i need mail.
i've got some belated X-mas to ship out and Netflix has been milking the holiday season for all it's worth.
i'm on the last disc of BSG Season 1. I'm enjoying it. The whole thing with Baltar/no.6 is getting really old though.
watched "The Descent" last night. It was a solid modern horror film that took the time to build up the characters and mood. It got a little 80's action flick at the end, but definitely succeeded on the horror front.
is it weird that i watched that whole mii video even though i don't have a wii? i think it probably is.

t-dot kim said...


No big plans for 2007. Yet. Just looking for a better job, with less work and more that too much to ask?


PS> What is all this Wii talk? I never got into video games so I guess I'm WAY out of the loop.

Mike Campbell said...

Anyone see the new preview for Lost. I was watching the Rose Bowl last night and it Aired. It seemed pritty sweet.

stephsmith said...

Andrew, I know what ya mean about Baltar and 6. There's less of it in season 2. I can't believe I'm saying this but this is the show I always wanted Lost to be. Or it has themes I have wanted to see in Lost. Social and political. I always wanted to see a power struggle on Lost- more than "a new sherriff in town" and the bickering between Jack and Locke.

stephsmith said...

Plans for '07- getting more accomplished. Not letting the year slip by and saying "what happened to '07?"

ryan said...

Hey Kim,

I pulled the following from Wikipedia:

The Mii (pronounced "me") Channel is an avatar creator, where users can design 3D caricatures of people by selecting from a group of facial and bodily features. The feature was described as part of a "Profile" system that contains the caricature and other pertinent player information. In certain games each player's caricature serves as the character he or she controls in gameplay. Miis may also show up as spectators in some games.

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Anonymous said...

Christ, i'm so tired. I haven't been to bed before 2am for the last week, so getting up for work at 7.30 this morning was one of the most gruelling things i've ever attempted. Still incredibly grouchy and it's now 11.11am, with a lot of coffee and nicotine in me. Bollocks to new year resolutions.

Mike, my plans for 2007 are to finally get on Gears with you. I need to get some achievements as Dom, so need you to invite me to a campaign. Finished the game as Marcus - Hardcore, is just that.
Anyone reading this who doesn't know what we're talking about, will surely have stopped reading this, but as a test - Kim, you are so out of the loop! Get a Nintendo DS - then you can ease your way in. Good luck with getting a new job, i changed career last Summer and all worked out well - less hours, and more money. Plus i know Steph is sorting herself out a new job, so SaS is the place to announce a change of careers obviously! I shouldn't have thought getting a job is that hard for you two though? You're both pretty, and have nice personalities, you could do anything you wanted and do well! (Maybe i should be a motivational speaker from now?!)

Happy New Year to all, by the way.

Mike Campbell said...

I would like to join the SaS Coalition for finding a job. If any gets any tips please send them my way. :)

aimee in little rock said...

I'd like to get in on this SaS Job Coalition. It's much better than my original plan to "give up swearing". Fuck that shit.

Kim, I can't contribute much to the mii/wii/ds/ps3 conversation either, which is why this is my first post (that, and I haven't been able to check the blog lately). I bought Brian a PSP for Christmas, but I only played PacMan for about five minutes before realizing it scares the crap out of me. The last video game I owned myself was a Super Nintendo. Yeah, that's the one that came after the original Nintendo console.

Anonymous said...

Give up swearing?! That's the funniest thing i've heard today!

Anyone else got any ridiculously unobtainable resolutions?

Anonymous said...

You could try swearing less?
I like swearing. Twat is my favourite at the moment.

aimee in little rock said...

Since I believe New Years Resolutions are the effing dumbest thing in the world, I like to make up ones that are as unattainable and ridiculous as possible.

The only people who legitimately try to "make them" are people who are too lazy and unmotivated to accomplish anything during any other time of the year, and are stupid enough to believe that "a new year" is the only appropriate time for them to set goals for themselves. The sun doesn't rise or set any differently on January 1st. It's not purple, it doesn't shoot out sparks, it's just a new fucking calendar.

Fucking people, gaaah.

My goal this year is to be more confrontational, tell people off, call people out on their bullshit, and not be such a pansy. So I'll probably end up swearing more.

See? I told you resolutions were bullshit.

t-dot kim said...

Thanks Tim & Ryan for the video game advice... I went to Best Buy and tried out the Wii, I looked like a bleeding idiot, so I put it down and walked away. I guess video games are the one part of pop culture I'll never get on board with. (Ahh, never say never)

Aimee, as for the STOP swearing thing...I say no. I'll bet you $5 Cdn can't do it. How about stop smoking that's much heathier for your body than a few bad words.

Wesh said...

I'd like to get more fit this year. 2006 wasnt particularly a sports infested year. I'll work on that this year.
I think.

T-dot Kim said...

Eko is may favourite Mii character