Thursday, June 03, 2010

Flashback: 2006

We hope you enjoyed the finale of MYOKOM w/SAS. Hopefully that'll tide you over for a few more days til TLI & the Dharmalars get theirs out for you!


aimee is lost said...

I hope it smells like fried chicken and ranch dressing. Cause I'd wear it.

PalmerEldritch said...

"Hopefully that'll tide you over for a few more days til TLI & the Dharmalars get theirs out for you!"

quite obviously, that's what she said.

memphish said...

Hurley needs a new fragrance after S5 -- one that smells of ham with dipping sauce.


JonFromNKY said...


JonFromNKY said...

nailed it.

mb said...

lmao - awesome

is that Bethany (aka Sidekick22 aka Jorge's squeeze)? looks like her.

PalmerEldritch said...

dont think so, MB.

holli, a ham scented cologne line? called... "Ham ME0A?"

what's up, interwebs?

i'm listening to MB's spoilercasts but cant seem to find any in my itunes for before "What Kate Does." tried looking for older ones but my feed must be messed up. hmph.

andrew. said...

what up blogspot?

- since LOST ended i decided to take a vacation from the interwebs, and went to Detroit. I really like that city.

- I'm 2 hours into the 35 hour Lost Lowdown thang. This one is NOT a good introduction if you are curious. so far they keep repeating themselves that they found "The End" emotionally satisfying but pretty disappointing as far as storytelling goes.

- Catching up on my stories for the week. Breaking Bad is still the best show on. United States Of Tara is going well. I'm not sure if Nurse Jackie has been picked up for a 3rd season or not, kinda hoping its not because i'm mostly watching for OCD reasons. Party Down was fun. and Treme took a week off as far as i can tell.

- really bummed about Nunu.

- MYOKMwSAS reunion was good fun, especially with AimeeInDrugachusettes MCing the proceedings. Looking forward to TLI & Dharmalars providing a happy ending.

- off-topic (is there a topic anymore?). i just put out the second record on my record label.

Stephanie said...

Speaking of Breaking Bad, Jesse Pinkman is a huge Lost fan.

Andrew., we're still trying to work out a set time to record.

mb said...

P - thanks for going back and listening!

Not sure why they would only go back to What Kate Does. Although I only did 1 more before that for Season 6 (and NONE over the hiatus- SLACKER!)

Ill check the feed tonight

Jordan said...

Andrew, Sorry to say. But Nurse Jackie has already been renewed for another season. And are you seriously going to tackle all 35 hrs of that "podcast"? Wow. Good luck with all of that.

Thought I was going to die a few hours ago/last night. Was on my way home from work around midnight. Driving in a monsoon on the freeway, one of my windshield wipers came unhinged and got caught on the side of windshield. So I now have no wipers and zero visability as it's pitch black out and on a stretch of freeway with no lighting. I slow down and try to pull over. But there is just about zero shoulder. Tried my best to jump out of the car to fix the wiper, but doing so called for me playing chicken in the downpour with oncoming traffic that couldn't see me one bit. I had to jump back in the car about 4 or 5 times before I got enough time to rig the wiper so it could work. Yikes. And all after a glorious 13 hr work day. But I survived to tell the tale. So it wasn't that bad, I guess. Good times.

Oh. And least I forget. Trailer for Curb Your Enthusiasm porn parody (sorta safe for work. no nudity or sex.)

Stephanie said...

I have to force myself to watch Nurse Jackie. Have no idea why.

scrdmnkydst said...

So, Evangeline Lilly is writing a children's book called Squickerwonker?


PalmerEldritch said...


i hardly even know her!

mb said...

squickerwonker ought to be an anagram for something, but the best I can come up with is

AAAALLLLL right - back to work

/waiting for burger day to become a reality

PalmerEldritch said...

i'm in my post burger day doldrums. three hours until weekend. ugh... the afternoon isn't so much passing as it is stretching like taffy. wtf?

Jordan said...

Trailer for next Iron Man movie!