Tuesday, December 29, 2009

TLI: Happy Holidays 2009

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Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

Enjoy Responsibly!!!

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t-dot kim said...

Who wants a playlist? :P

mb said...

Nicely played Kim :)

just to be clear - my "Theoretically" comment was intended to reference ME - though it didn't come out that way - sorry

t-dot kim said...

No worries MB...I'm just messing with Jordan. I msg'd him yesterday and told him I would post this podcast today.

He thinks he's so funny :P

Jordan said...

So now it's a crime to be right? hahaha.

JonFromNKY said...

Finally, my Christmas is complete.

Sonny aka sunloc said...

downloading now, I missed my favorite podcast.

andrew. said...

Have you guys heard of this great new podcast called the Lost Initiative?

scrdmnkydst said...

yeah, i've heard of it... i hear that the two girly podcasters get their boobs out all the time.

PalmerEldritch said...

wait... 1:08 running time. and was that Boney M to open up?

oh, kim. you spoil us. :)

t-dot kim said...


Yes, and yes. It's not Christmas if there isn't the Boney M cd playing on a loop--at least in my house it isn't.

Although, our podcast was only 1:05 and change, but I put a song at the end to round it up to 1:08 :)

Any fans of Mariah Carey out there??!?!

PalmerEldritch said...


But Boney M is pretty great. Except when the Kama Sutra is involved (see previous threads).

Good podcast, ladies. Well done. Quite enjoyable.

Oh. And I don't hate FlashForward. I just think it's been pretty terrible (mostly writing but not all) so far. C'mon, a random poker tournament to decide what to do? Ugh. But it has a really cool premise and some real promising cast members. Even one or two good episodes (good bye, famous jett jackson). But there have been some terrible episodes and moments. And it's been hyped up so much that it mainly just disappoints.


Kelly Jo said...


andrew. said...

Happily Birthdate Holli!

& thanks ladies for introducing us to the idea of Snuggies-porn.

Oklahaimee said...

This podcast made the idea of owning a Snuggie tempting. But no, I just can't bring myself to do it.

Oklahaimee said...

I've decided to have a Lost season premiere party. So if you're in the OKC area, send me an rsvp :)

Fish biscuits and Dharma Initiative food & beverages will be provided.

mb said...

By "Dharma Initiative Food" do you mean there will be waffles & ham with dipping sauces? Or maybe just a "whole HAM menu"?

mb said...

shoulda kablammo'd

Oklahaimee said...

I think I'm going to get totally geeked out for this thing... I wish ya'll lived closer!

mb said...

A premiere party would indeed be most excellent :)

Speaking of gathering together - the wife and I are, in all seriousness, completely stoked to get to Vegas in May for Viva-Lost-Vegas. I suppose I should visit the My Space ( www.myspace.com/lostfinale ) page once in awhile :)

Who else is planning on being there?

JoeSC said...

New TLI? FUCK YEAH! ...need I say more?

/begin happy dance

Happy Birthday Holli and Merry Belated Christmas to all! Santa touched me with his sack, but I think he also stomped me with his boot as I broke two toes on Christmas morning!

On the subject of Flashforward, I went back and rewatched a couple of episodes... it's no better the second time around. Why can't every show be as remotely fantastic as LOST?

MB - I'd love to go to watch the early premier on the beach in Hawaii this year, but the funds just aren't there right now. The wife and I are trying to make it to Vegas, though. Work may be a little hectic around then, but I'm still holding out some hope.

I feel bad I haven't started my Season 5 rewatch yet. Is there a deadline for Losties voting Kim? I think a deadline may be the best motivation!

We're officially less than 5 weeks away!

t-dot kim said...

January 7th, 2010--Losties deadline. We're going to record the Losties episode on the 8th.

Brennan said...

If anyone is looking to get the DI edition of season 5 of Lost on Blu Ray, Amazon has it on their gold box deals for $65.99.

memphish said...

Birthday Kablammo!

Thanks for saving it for me.


JoeSC said...

Aimee - You confirmed the exact reason why I haven't started my Season 5 rewatch yet. The first 1/2 of the season is kind of a drag, and looking back I really do think it was the weakest overall season.

There is no doubt in my mind that Season 6 is going to be amazing, though. I have all the respect in the world for ABC and their decision not to air any clips pre-broadcast. In a perfect world, they would do that for the entire season!

I'd love to see how the "Next On" fans would manage without any footage to chew on for a week. I'm a little biased, though, since I've never watched a single "Next On Lost" preview!

Chris JC said...

I know there's an entire new thread, but just wanted to express my frankly massive appreciation at the appearance of this undoubtedly sexy podcast.


Anonymous said...

Your favorite couple's gone.
Nikki and Paulo're dead.

So from now 'til forever
you're stuck with tha Kid.

Man. . . can't wait for season 6. I wonder what it'll feel like the day of Feb. 2.