Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Don't look if you haven't watched "Lockdown."



gillian said...

It looks like someone was trying to draw an annoymous map in black light (although, why the bunker would have black light to begin with is anyone's guess) to figure out the mystery.

OR they wanted someone to find them, or whatever, I have no clue as what the hell I'm talking about now. Sigh.

Anyway, there's an arrow pointing to the dharma swan saying 'I AM HERE'

Overall, the best episode yet. Stepping up the game, and I am fucking pleased.

Katie said...

Bigger image here

sayten said...

gale's license

Ralph- said...

well, i am done watching it on the West Coast! i have to tell you, that was a fantastic ending! when is locke gonna lose his damn legs in a flashback? are we to believe that Dharma locks down it's "employees" before the drop ships come? So what should we call Henry Gale Now? and who burried the REAL Henry gale? what the fuck is gong on with Lost?!

Obsidianrock said...

I am very pleased with that episode, I love the mythology-rich episodes. I can't wait 'till those lost-geeks decipher all the crap in that drawing 'cause there's gonna be some good stuff in there. There are three square roots in the image and the answers are 4,8 and 15. And there's also CV with roman numerals after it a few times, wonder what that means?


Notorious-Brother-in-Law said...

Here are the translations that I found on

Credo nos in fluctu eodem esse = I think we're on the same wavelength

Sursum corda = Lift up your hearts (to God)

Malum consilium quod mutari non potest = It's a plan that can't be changed

Cogito ergo deleo = I think therefore I'm depressed

Ut sit magna tamen certe lenta ira deorum est = The wrath of the gods may be great, but it is slow.

Agrescit medendo = This disease worsens with treatment. The remedy is worse than the disease.

Hic sunt dracones = Here are the dragons. This was used by ancient map makers to mark uncharted and dangerous territroy.

Square root 16, Square root 64, Square root 225 = 4,8,15


Craig's Brother-in-Law

anti-shave said...

You can find out what the latin means here:


Obsidianrock said...

I just found this picture of the blacklight map. Supposedly it's the producer's original.

Take a look:
(not sure how to make a hyperlink)


Anonymous said...


Ralph- said...

a quick update. over at the unicycle jousting forum, no one has yet to respond to my post that i wrote on March 4th. i tell ya folks GANGBUSTERS!

aimee in little rock said...

I understand now what Damon/Carlton meant by this episode setting us up for the final act of season 2.

aimee in little rock said...

Could Desmond have drawn this, hence the reference "I am here"? Or perhaps Kelvin? We haven't talked about those guys in a while.

aimee in little rock said...

Who is Magnus Hanso, and why is he buried at the Black Rock?

So many questions!!! I don't know which was better; this map or the episode. Great fucking episode though; it's about time too.

Katie said...

If Desmond drew this, he had priveldged knowledge of the whole Dharma Initiative (about previous shutdowns...previous to what we know/he told us about how long he has been there when we met him). Not anything too out there and something to think about, but it's just as plausible as that the whole map was planted.

(Everyone must remember that I have no idea WTF is going on in this show and I don't adhere to any theory, so I'm just taking everything into account.)

Lauren from SC said...

It was Kelvin that drew the map. Kelvin sounds like a good fake name for a sciencey type person since Kelvin is a temperature scale. Kelvin didn't die, he shape shifted into Vincent (named afer the artist Van Gogh, who was crazy and crazy people are cool). He also shape shifted into Jack's Dad. I'm sure if I went back to the first season and looked, I'd see Vincent run off into some bushes and Jack's dad come back out. Kelvin/Vincent is also the smoke monster and any other people that you haven't seen in the same place with the monster or Vincent.

In case it isn't obvious, I need to sleep, but I'm totally excited about my gerbil, Benji, being on!

Lauren from SC said...

Also, I think Craig and Ryan A. Howard should make a podcast before I totally lose it.

rubycalaber said...

Here are the best map analysises that I could find.

This ish is crasy yo.

Wesh said...

way too awesome episode!

Maybe Locke lost the use of his legs.. in this epîsode!!
But that would mean some kinky form of time travel so never mind :)

Robert Schmitt said...

See an interactive version of the map here. This is a really great tool actually. Its helped me decipher a lot, thanks to my friend we may all use it.

Scott and Steve said...

great map, robert.

Lauren from SC said...

It's so obvious now.... the secret of LOST is TRIVIAL PURSUIT!